Saturday, April 7, 2007

DJ AM Spins His Way into Beverly Hills

BUYER: Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM
LOCATION: Anthony Place, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $3,225,000 (sale price)
SIZE: 2,934 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gorgeous architectural with breathtaking city views! This four bedroom, three bath home is beautifully done. It is surrounded by a lovely pool and garden areas. This home is perfect for any lifestyle. Bring your most discriminating buyers, they will not be disappointed.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: If you frequent the LA clubs where celebrities like to hang out or attend pool side industry parties, you'll know DJ AM from his super successful career spinning records. If you read the tabs, you'll remember DJ AM for his engagement to pin thin fame addict Nicole Richie until they broke up amid rumors about her neediness and incredibly shrinking body.

The formerly fat DJ licked his break up wounds with Mandy Moore, who as it turns out was only his rebound gurl. It's been recently reported that the 34 year old spinner was seen kissing on 20 year old model Jessica Stam, who was once linked to lady killer turned family man Anthony Kiedis. It had earlier been reported The DJ was dating 20 year old Kristin Cavalleri, another reality show fame addict Your Mama would be thrilled to see fade into married life behind the Orange Curtain.

Seems the DJ gets around with the much younger fame hungry young gurl set. In fact some naughty gossip mongers have even reported that the DJ asked his friends to set him up with famous and quasi- famous tartlets in order to extend his Warholian 15 minutes. Not sure if we believe that, but Hollywood is a crazy place where relationships are often built on a mutually symbiotic-slash-parasitic foundations for creating buzz and publicity.

Anyhoo, whatever very young fame hungry gurl The DJ is currently dating is being brought back to his new house high in the Hills of Beverly and Benedict Canyon. We found the property records a wee bit confusing on this one, so bear with Your Mama while we sort them out for you.

It appears the property was first transferred to a Fred Spektor in April of 2005 for the sale price of $1,895,000 and was purchased from Brian Mann, the quarterback for the LA Rams. (The asking price had been $1,995,000 according to the listing information.) In case the children don't recognize the name Fred Spektor, let Your Mama educate you. The man is a big time agent to celebrities at the Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles.

We had originally thought and posted there was something fishy about the purchase from Spektor. But a friendly tipster was able to set us straight. Property records indicate the house was purchased by DJ AM in May of 2006 at an undisclosed price, but according to our little tipster, who claims his information is from deep inside the mls, the house was on the market at $3,295,000 and was on the market just 39 days. Further investigation at a later date reveals the purchase price was $3,225,000.

The well located house is a straight shot down Benedict Canyon which drops you right into the heart of Beverly Hills, and it's just another quick run East on Sunset to all the hot spots. Obviously a good thing for a late night denizen like The DJ.

We could do without those tacky Corinthian columns at the front door, but otherwise Your Mama likes what we see inthe meager number of photos that were made available to us looky-loos. The large living room and dining room combination appears to offer plenty of room for hosting parties with loads of scantily clad wannabes and the pool looks like a nice place to swim off a hangover.

We are also very appreciative of the nice long view of Beverly Hills and the privacy this property affords The DJ which will ensure no paparazzi will be snapping photos of him rubbing tanning oil on a too young to drink legally tartlet in the backyard.

Sources: Hilton & Hyland, Contact Music, Frillr


Anonymous said...

The view is gorgeous, but the house doesn't excite me. The living and its furnishings are bland.

Anonymous said...

I've been 2 his new place.. It's not that great. He needs to wash clothes! His dirty BOXERS are everywhere!