Monday, April 16, 2007

Adam Nathanson Does Laurel Canyon

SELLER: Adam Nathanson
LOCATION: Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,350,000
SIZE: 3,512 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Wonderful Hampton's Style Traditional 3Bd + 3.5Bth home w/Valley views. Gated and private drive leads to expansive garden & cabana style patio w/outdoor FP, pool & spa. French doors provide wonderful indoor/outdoor flow. Features include HW flrs, vaulted ceilings, lighting & walls for art, cook's eat-in kitchen, huge family rm w/bar area. Spacious Mstr has FP & steam shower. Lrg bonus rm perfect for office/gym/maid's.2 car garage

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Today Your Mama brings you a lervely house in the Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills. The current owner isn't really a celebrity, but rather the good looking child of a spectacularly rich man named Marc Nathanson. The elder Nathanson, who has enough paper to live in the Holmby Hills on fancy pants Mapleton Drive in a 22-room, 16,000 square foot house spitting distance from both the Playboy and Spelling mansions, has so much dough he was able to be a founding trustee of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Which, of course, explains the museum quality artwork on the walls of his son's house.

The younger Mister Nathanson works as the CEO and President of a company owned by his daddy that owns and operates radio stations. According to a bio we found online Mister Nathanson was the General Manager of a record label prior to becoming a nepotist. Now, before all you crazies come down on Your Mama, let us state for the record that we have no issue with nepotism. Seriously. At least this good looking young man works a real job for his money, you know?

The younger Mister Nathanson, (or maybe his rich daddy?), purchased this house in 1999 for $1,100,000. Located on the valley side of the Hollywood Hills, the property sits high above what Your Mama considers a not so busy section of Mulholland Drive. A gated and curving driveway ascends to the house which has a not so typical siting on the property. See children, this property sits on the upslope side of Mulholland and in order to maximize the Valley views, the front yard is where the swimming pool and main outdoor entertainment spaces are located. And in fact, the front yard/back yard area must be traversed in order to get to the front door.

This set up is not one in which Your Mama would ordinarily feel comfortable. Imagine laying out by the swimming pool without a stitch of clothing and slathered in cocoa butter when the neighbor pops over unannounced to borrow some sugar or a lemon? That would be uglee. So buyer beware, unless you keep the gate at the bottom of the drive shut and locked, pop in friends and needy neighbors just might be seeing more of you than anyone needs to see.

At first Your Mama was not feeling that kitchen. But we've totally changed our mind. Initially we just thought it was too white, too stark and likely to burn the retinas early in the morning. But we actually love the way color pops off the white, and we're appreciating that Mister Nathanson has put brightly colored fruits and things throughout the kitchen. We would however jettison the black and white tile on the floor (which we know is not, but sorta looks like linoleum) for big slabs of limestone with radiant heating.

We are also particularly grooving on one feature pointed out in the listing. That's right babies, the steam shower. Having a steam shower at home means not having to go to some dreadful gymnasium that costs and arm and a well muscled leg to join. Your Mama does not care to deal with an army of health nut work out queens just to sit in a hot steamy room in an attempt to detoxify and pull the gin from of our pores.

As some of our regular readers may have already discerned, Your Mama loves a good juxtaposition. And that is precisely the reason we like this house so much. The unexpected surprise of walking up to the house and finding an open layout and all that amazing artwork thrills us. We can't help it.

Now children, we're not saying we love every stick of furniture and swatch of fabric in this house. We don't. And we're quite sure the younger Mister Nathanson gets about to all the hot spots around town. But we are just so happy to see a good looking young Bev Hills scion who has appreciations and interests beyond Teddy's and Winston's. We have to wonder though. If this place were emptied out of all the big name art, would we feel so kindly about it?

Sources: Artists House Music


Anonymous said...

Fresh, simple, blank canvas, me like.

Anonymous said...

The front yard pool thing kinda bugs me, also the house is pretty close to the street, is Mulholland a loud road? Other than that, great place.

Anonymous said...

THIS Marc Nathanson? Per Roger Friedman's column today:

Candy Spelling: Sacrifices Boyfriend for Tori

We know from reading the supermarket tabs that Candy Spelling is reconciling with daughter Tori after one the worst public family feuds in history.

But how and why? Is it because Tori needs money from her father’s estate? Or is it because Candy wants to be close to her newborn grandson?

One thing’s for certain. Marc Nathanson, the “family friend” whom Tori accused Candy of spending too much time with while Aaron Spelling lay dying, is history.

Nathanson’s name is conveniently missing from the Us Weekly cover story about Tori and her new baby. It was just a few months ago that Nathanson was cited as the reason Tori hated her mother so much.

But now I’m told that Candy is selling the house and a piece of property she owned next door to Nathanson — this is apart from the zillion-square-foot mansion she and Spelling built.

“She’s gotten rid of him,” observes a source.

Nathanson might not have been the perfect next husband for wealthy widow Candy.

In 1993, when he was a California Coastal Commissioner, Nathanson pleaded guilty to tax evasion and racketeering. He was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison and fined $200,000.

His crime was the solicitation of about a million dollars in bribes from celebrities including Sylvester Stallone, Barry Diller, Sandy Gallin, Jeffrey Katzenberg and director Blake Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Different Mr. Nathanson - this guy was never the CA coastal commissioner. He's a media mogul type. Marc, not Mark.

Anonymous said...

I know this not so good looking Nathanson and his whole family.....their minds are as blank as their walls...with green the only thing on their minds.......come on Mama get real!

Unknown said...

Who wrote this article? Have you even seen this person you are talking about? Good looking? LOL. This is him: