Saturday, April 7, 2007

Word on the Real Estate Street is...

...that Ashley Olsen is shopping for new crib.

Right now the details are slim as Miz Olsen herself, but one of Your Mama's favorite West Coast tipsters tells us the slightly less thin half of the Dualstar juggernaut is out and about looking for a new place to call home.

We were not given any specifics in terms of what she's seen or where she's looking, but it was whispered to Your Mama that she's looking in the relatively modest range of $2-4,000,000 and would like to buy someplace private, secure and cozy.

In April of 2006, the teeny tiny tycoons with a reputation for questionable yet intriguing fashion choices sold the house they shared in Bel Air with the Brentwood zip code. The sale price is undisclosed, but the property was last listed at $4,295,000.

Your Mama would like to go on record to say that we like these wee little bitches. They may not have any serious acting chops, and they're often seen teetering around in those too tall Balenciaga death trap shoe-boot things Your Mama wishes they'd throw in the trash before they topple over and bust up their itty bitty knees, but we all need to give these gurls a break. Poor things have been working since they day they came out of the damn womb, so it's no wonder they just want to hang around and shop. Wouldn't you?

What we do want to know however, is what happened to their higher educations at NYU? We understand Mary-Kate needed to drop out to fix her self-image, but what about Miss Ashley? Is she even still enrolled? Like we said, we really do like these two, so we'd sincerely like to see them get educated so they don't end up like some of these other spoiled and uneducated Hollywood hussies. Yes, babies, you know exactly who we're talking about, don' t you?

We'll keep y'all posted if we hear anymore about Miss Ashley's house hunt and you be sure to let Your Mama know if you hear anything on your end.


Anonymous said...

Then why the hell did she just sell the Hal Levitt place in the "I live in Brentwood but call it Bel Air" part of Brentwood? I know it was supposed to be shared with MK, but that place was gorgeous! Redonculous, if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

i live in brentwood and that home is definetly in bel air (not east gate bel air, but rather lower westgate); the freeway divides the 2 neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

and by two neighborhoods, i mean brentwood and bel air (not east gate/west gate)

Anonymous said...

They both live together in Sunset Beach (my home town) between Seal Beach and Huntington Beach California, only about a mile long. They live ON the beach in a HUGE beautiful 3 story home. They moved there in Feb/March.