Monday, April 30, 2007

UPDATE: Kelly Wearstler

This is not good. Today the good people over at Curbed LA tell us that interior designer Kelly Wearstler, she-ra of the funky outfits and hair don'ts on the Bravo's Top Design, was illegally operating her K.W.I.D. offices out of a residential bungalow located just off Melrose. We featured the property on our little blog after we first read about it on Curbed back in late March.

The Curbed folks even posted the text of the petition where Miz Wearstler begs for forgiveness and ask for a 6-month extension in order to comply with the LADBS Order to Comply, blah blah blah.

We do feel a little badly for Miz Wearstler and her troubles with the zoning peeps. But with all her moolah, surely she can find new and legal digs for K.W.I.D. that she can fill up with orchids and Hollywood regency furniture.


Anonymous said...

But has the LABDS seen her hair???? There is no justice in this city.

Anonymous said...

This part of Tarzana is actually pretty nice. My old boss lives in the Mulholland Estates, and on clear days the views of the Valley are pretty nice. They are not as nice as the view from the other side of the hill. Still, my former boss more than doubled his house size (from a 3500 square foot house in Pacific Palisades with a view of the ocean to a 7800 square foot home) for half the price. Also, the Braemar Country Club is just outside the gates for those who enjoy golf.