Monday, April 30, 2007

Lionsgate Revisted

SELLER: Nancy Davis
LOCATION: Nimes Road, Bel Air, CA
PRICE: $23,950,000
SIZE: 9,369 square feet (per assessor), 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: "Bel-Air'S Finest Trophy Property", Lionsgate is one of the most sought after properties in the city. It features 7 brs and 12 bts w/ a guest hse & a separate structure w/games room and full disco being converted into a screening rm. The property is situated on 1.6 acres, running street to street on Bel-Air's most prominent street. Features include; tennis court and pavilion, disco/media room, elevator, putting green, library, and 200 foot driveway.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A hush falls over the room. Yes babies, this is the very home that greasy night club denizen and notorious foul mouthed Brandon Davis called home when he was a wee tot and not even a glimmer in the tabloid eye. "Lionsgate," a very famous home among the many famous homes in Bel Air, has long been owned by Brandon's mommy, Nancy Davis. That's right hunnies, she would be one of the daughters of corpulent billionaire Marvin Davis who died in 2004 amid rumors of trust looting and dwindling financial circumstances that have resulted in lurid lawsuits filed by Patty Raynes, one of the Davis daughters.

Not long after his death, Marvin's wifey, the lacquer haired charity circuit broad Barbara, who famously chairs the Carousel of Hope Ball, sold off the family pile in Bev Hills. Dubbed "The Knoll," the 25,000 square foot house sold for a reported $46,000,000 to a bizness man named Eric Schmidt. Miz Barbara moved to a low maintenance bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which was, of course, once owned by her dead huzband.

Anyhoo, back to "Lionsgate." The 1.6 acre property was once owned by bearded country crooner Kenny Rogers, who has recently had some unfortunate plastic surgery. But for many years the house has been home to Miz Nancy Davis, one of daughters and benefactors of Daddy Davis' big bank account and who was still in good graces when the old man kicked it. Incidentally, Mister Kenny Rogers also once owned "The Knolls." Hmm.

Located on one of Bel Air's most prestigious streets, "Lionsgate" is approached down a long driveway that keeps it completely hidden from the prying eyes of the paps and other nosy Bel Air residents. Perfect for a super rich celebrity. As even the most stoopid among us can glean, the house was named after the two large felines statues that grace and guard the entry gates.

As y'all might imagine, we're not fond of the fussy decorating scheme with the flesh colored pool table and the pink flowers stencilled on the walls of the dining room. And seriously, we don't know what is going on in that bedroom. We're guessing it's the bedroom of a child, but what Bel Air child wants drapes that look like something out of one of Saddam's palaces or a row house in Queens? Please.

So what do we like you might ask? The stone driveway is spectacular, the chandelier in the dining room is wonderfully opulent, we only wish it were larger. The bone chandelier in the room with the pool table is also pretty cool. And we LOVE the lions and security cameras at the front gates. All the children should be so lucky to be greeted by a pair of Simbas after a long day on Rodeo Drive.

The location is impeccable and the privacy is guaranteed. The old-schoold architecture has a certain appeal and the terraced backyard pool has no doubt seen many interesting pool parties.

In addition to the dance studio, art studio, game room, gym, putting green, tennis court and swimming pool, "Lionsgate" features an in-house disco (!!) for getting your groove on without suffering the embarrassment of public hip gyrations and head flings. Perhaps wisely, the disco is being converted to a screening room according to the listing. And 12 bathrooms. Twelve! The bill for Comet alone requires a significant income.

For just over $20,000,000 the lucky buyer will have neighbors such as Steven Bollenbach, President and CEO of Hilton Hotels, and Miz Joanna Carson, who still lives in the big house on St. Cloud Road she shared back in the 1970s with her ex huzband Johnny Carson.

Your Mama hopes the Crooz clan checks this place out. We feel that if the vertically challenged big-man is going to spend a fortune on a home, he really ought to buy something legendary. Crooz is a legend in his own mind, so really, shouldn't he own a home that carries a Hollywood history and prestige? With 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a guest house, there might be just enough room for all the Scientology "minders," Crooz family members, and nannies that live with the tabloid beleaguered couple. Seriously Crooz, check this one out.

This is not the first time "Lionsgate" has been on the market in the very recent past. Only back in July of 2006 Miz Ruth Ryon wrote in her Hot Properties column that the house had been listed "at just under $30,000,000. Guess there were no takers at that price so it's been hugely reduced to it's current ask price of $23,950,000 which should bring a few more interested parties who pine for living in a house only a Hollywood honcho could love.

Sources: LA Times, Forbes, Real Estate Journal, Star Pulse


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how these properties are priced? 23mm here, 18mm there and 53mm over there. Are there comps used? or is it all ego driven.

Steve Bowman said...

Sadly, you don't have all of your facts straight. Brandon wasn't a wee toddler in the Lionsgate home. He was older.
You see, my precious mother (she is no longer with us) worked for the Zarifs back when Nebil and Nancy were married in Denver Colorado. They lived in the Cherry Hills area of the city.

It's sad to see how Brandon has grown up. I know living in LA and that lifestyle can really have an impact on how you grow up.

My mother, Tomoko, cared for the Zarif children from time to time and she even took her granddaughter, Maggie to go over and play with Brandon when they were children.

Brandon was a sweet little boy and Nancy was a generous person. How do I know this? She gave my mother clothes that she would no longer wear and the clothes would fit me and not my mother because she was too tiny.

I was a single parent at that time and my daughter and I even "inherited" the two white doves that used to live in the walk in atrium/terrarium of their Cherry Hills home. Sorry, Nancy and Brandon, we ended up finding a new home for them. They would never hush up!

I know as adults we are all responsible for our behaviors and Brandon is no exception but give the guy a little slack. He came from an "interesting" childhood. His father was a difficult and selfish man at the time and his grandfather was busy "making more money". We are all products of our environment.

Brandon would be surprised to see how beautiful his childhood friend Maggie, turned out. No, as a mother, I wouldn't want her to spend a lot of time with him, but I do hope that one day, Brandon's heart will soften and that he will be someone that is a little more aware of his behavior out in public. He seems to still carry some pain in his heart.

I hope you Brandon, and your mom and brothers are doing well.
Janie (Noble) Bowman

Anonymous said...

I just saw this house today... beautiful from the outside and nice street to street lot. The "night club" was not turned into a screening room by the way, but it could be a wonderful place to dance the night away. I thought the bedrooms upstairs were quite horrid, with very out of date and tacky decor, but they have owned the place a long time.

I've only spoken to Nancy once but she was a very polite and wonderful woman. Surprisingly down to earth!

Anonymous said...

I went to see the house it was great but hated the staircase too deco style. Great house but could look great with some update.