Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Red Hot House of Anthony Kiedis

SELLER: Anthony Kiedis
LOCATION: Davis Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $6,997,000
SIZE: 4,294 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: On one of the rare 3 acre knolls in BHPO, this tour de force celeb property is Tuscan in style, w/ panoramic vus from every vantage point yet accomplishing privacy. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces, roman pool and spar and spectacular indoor/outdoor flow, Bell tower, grand cordon bleu kitchen w/ sweeping views, large scale ceiling heights and one of the most romantic master suites in Southern Cal. A breathtaking opportunity to purchase this beautiful villa near the best of everything Beverly Hills has to offer.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: If Your Mama is being honest with the children, we would tell you we done peed our pants when we came across this house. The listing for this house proudly declares it's celebrity ownership. However, property records do not list anybody famous. After some investigation, and a call to one of Your Mama's well connected little spies in the Bev Hills, we have been able to determine that this house does indeed belong to Anthony Kiedis, the sexed up front man for The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

He may have been born in Michigan, but Kiedis is pure Los Angeles rock star, right down to the red string he's been wearing around his wrist lately. That's right hunnies, kabbalah. Do the kabbalists have a celebrity center like those Scientologist people?

Mister Kiedis' reputation as a lady lover is legendary. In addition to all the no-name tartlets and groupies, there was Ione Skye, teeny tiny Sofia Coppola, big tall Heidi Klum, and even the bawl-headed Sinéad O'Conner just to name a few. But, according to a recent article in Blender, there's a new gurl, a much, much younger gurl in this rock star's life that has him wanting to settle down and make babies.

This tattooed 44-year old hot rod with the jaw dropping body of a 26 year old recently begun co-habitating with "model" Heather Christie. Heather recently turned 20 years old. Old enough to vote, but not old enough to drink in a bar. It's really such a cliche isn't it? Aging rock star dating a "model" who is just out of her teens. Your Mama wishes these two well. We do. But babies, if you're reading this, Your Mama recommends waiting a year or two before producing progeny. Don't act ignorant with Your Mama, you know why we suggest you wait. Please don not go birthing babies just to prove you have conquered your demons and are prepared to be a daddy and a teenage mother. It's all about the children.

Kiedis only purchased this house in June of 2004. Your Mama thinks he paid around $4,800,000. Don't go blabbing that number to yer friends or the press, because the property records are a bit vague so we aren't positive that's accurate. We can only speculate on why Kiedis is selling this magnificent house. Your Mama suspects it may have something to do with the teenage girlfriend not wanting to live up in a house that has even a whisper of Kiedis' extremely active bachelorhood. Why else would a man move from a house he bought through a trust called Happy House?

One of the features Your Mama likes best about his house is it's tremendous privacy and security which makes it the perfect home for a seclusion seeking celebrity. The house, located on a dead end road up above Benedict Canyon and tucked into the hillside, can not be seen from the street. So don't any of you music psychos be thinking you can drive up into the hills and spot these two sunning themselves by the pool.

Another interesting feature of the house (not shown in the photos) is a bell tower which Kiedis and his gay decorator have thoughtfully kitted out with a bunch of velvet floor pillows. More romantic types will find it a perfect place to make love while being caressed by the warm Santa Anas. But not Your Mama. We prefer our intimate moments take place behind closed doors in a dark room, but that's another topic altogether.

Anyhoo, there is little Your Mama does not like about this property. We love all the nooks, crannies, courtyards and outdoor hiding places. Even though a forest must be felled to keep them fired up all winter, we go weak in the knees over the six fireplaces. The master bathroom has a lovely one, but Your Mama particularly covets the outdoor fireplace. We love us an outdoor room. We also appreciate that there are enough terlits for six people, but we do worry about the maid getting carpal tunnel from scrubbing them things all the time.

Mister Kiedis clearly hired a nice gay decorator to come up in here. And if you ask Your Mama, a most excellent job was done. This house manages to be decorated to within an inch of it's life and still look like a place that people actually live. Not an easy trick for sure.

The only thing we noted as questionable on this property was in the kitchen. We are surprised to find such an ordinary and inexpensive refrigerator. Given the very high quality of the materials and workmanship of this house, we expected a Sub Zero. But that's a minor and easily remedied issue.

Normally Your Mama finds a few unsavory touches in a house and rips them to shreds. But seriously folks, that would be criminal here. This house is just too damn nice. Your Mama is going to make a prediction here...this house will be purchased by another celebrity. Can't you see Sharon Stone living up in this crib? We hear pin thin Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden are house hunting for a love nest. If we were their real estate agent, we'd be taking them here for sure.

Sources: Rolling Stone, Blender


Natalee said...


This, Mama, is the pinnicle of my real estate porn dreams. This house is *exactly* what I'd want for myself. I know hubby would love the decorative style as well. I weep with the knowledge that unless I win the Powerball Lotto, a home of this style and magnitude will never be mine.

Stormy said...

Damn, this house is cool. Natalee: tonight's Mega Millions drawing is for $267 mil. Go buy a ticket girl!

slushstomper said...

Oh, Mama. This is absolutely gaw-jus. What a spot. You should see the property website at and revel in the property porn. I already had this in my "things to buy when Mega Millions comes through" list. Although there is one downside: If you check Google Maps or Windows Live for Davies Drive and look at the north end, somebody with WAY too much money has built a freakin' rampart of a retaining wall. The earth moving alone must have cost well into seven figures, and from some of the Live birdseye views, it was pretty recent. Still, once I cash my lottery ticket on Monday, I'll get out of western Ohio. If the radio station plays California Dreaming in the background of their weather reports one more time, I'm going to start chewing tinfoil to take my mind off of the slush.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING HOUSE! The price is quite high and I could never afford the mortgage payments but if I coudl this is the house! It would be amazing, Mama, if you could tell me what house Anthony is buying next...rumors say Las might want to check that out. THANKS FOR THE INFO! TIME TO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone who reads this blog know how I can find out if the house has been sold yet?

sofaki said...

anthony keidis really needs to find a woman who can hold him down and settle with a family in this home or another for that matter!!! Hopefully he can find a real woman not one of hollywood starsruck fantasy!!!opposite of his lifestyle in order to balance a healthy family! or don't even talk about children, These days you have to think long and hard esspecially when talking about children, not to say that his girlfriend is not good enough she's cute great many sucsess to her, but the last thing children need is to be part of a hollywood crises, anthony seems like a smart guy so , common folks wake up, smell the coffe!! Im not afraid to say so !! My name is sofia,

sofaki said...
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Mark said...

Does ayone know where/how to find this on Google Earth?

Anonymous said...

omfg! I can't believe that he would sell such a magnificent house! wow lucky Heather! I wish I was her :(
but wiw its beautiful! and perfect!
but uhmm anyway...
I love him!!! =D

Katie said...

i will fork over $7mil right now if this house comes with AK

Dejan said...

Hi we are young married couple from Sarajevo Bosnia and we are waiting for a little baby. So uhm we would appreciate this house to rent.
I am going to ask him if he wants to give us a house as a present. Cause we have all his albums. This is a joke of course, but God works in misterious ways. So who know.

Kiedis is cool said...

Nice house Anthony! The guys got taste

Kelly said...

How much do you think my soul could knock off the asking price? ...

ludwig said...

I had heard for over 40 years about a certain house in the neighborhood and decided to have a look from space then caught this one and decided to have a look. I am deeply impressed!

If this house is REALLY for sale I wuold love to have it---but there is one problem---the Neightbors might object to my ringing 'them bells instead of using them for decoration. Someone please hire me with a 10 million dollar a year job so I can buy this house!

My own dreamhouse is architecturally nearly the same---i would love to know who designed and built this.