Monday, April 2, 2007

UPDATE: Cox/Arquette's Old Place in the Boo

SELLER: David Arquette and Courtney Cox
LOCATION: Carbon Beach, Malibu, CA
PRICE: $33,500,000
SIZE: 4,486 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a world class architectural estate, The Segal Residence by John Lautner. 80 feet of frontage on Carbon Beach. Call listing agent for details. Pre-qualified clients only.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Hi babies. Your Mama just wanted to bring the children a few more photos of the Lautner designed house in Malee-boo that Courtney Cox and David Arquette have on the market for a whopping $33,500,000.

Your Mama discussed this house back when it hit the market and just in case you missed it, you can read it here.

These photos show the house as it is currently decorated, so that is the very sofa on which little Coco spits up, and we also see the very dinner table where Jennifer Aniston cries and pretends to eat when she comes over.

No word on whether anyone is interested at this price, but Your Mama is guessing we're going to see a big price adjustment soon.


Anonymous said...

It does seem like a lot of money, but what a beautiful house. Ms.Cox does seem to have a knack for flipping houses for profit.

NY Realtor

Anonymous said...

I love this house - It's much bigger than you imagine it to be ... I still think the price is fair, considering what other properties on carbon sell for & considering there are numerous billionaires a few doors down the beach where $30 million is merely pocket change - there is another lautner (i think) for sale on the colony $15 million - it's pretty nice too & right next door to the osbournes malibu pad [well, 1 of their malibu pads] ...

Anonymous said...

Yuck - don't like the 70's interior. Just like the folks that own Chanberlain's own house, don't they know that 70's architecture doesn't mean you need tacky orange-and-green 70's furniture? Also, definitely overpriced!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey bigdaddyj! The house was built in 1980 & didn't have any of the 70s stuff until Courtneney decided it needed updating.

Anonymous said...

You're soooooooo right!!! I forgot how far removed 1980 was from 1979!!!

Anonymous said...

My bad, she got rid of the 80ish stuff & replaced it with 40~50ish one

Your Mama said...

Hi Madison,

We appreciate the correction to our syntax, but we actually prefer "boo" even if it makes us look like we don't know what we're talking about.

P.S. Loving yer new blog. Can't wait to read some West of the PCH dishy stuff.

Anonymous said...

can i have a floor plan of that malibu house? and i want more pics from inside the house particularythe bebrooms. Thanx heaps