Thursday, April 5, 2007

More MAD TV Real Estate Madness

BUYER: Nicole Sullivan
LOCATION: Passmore Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,810,000
SIZE: 2,494 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Because we want all the children to know we are not looking to steal any one's thunder, Your Mama would like y'all to know we first came across the information about Nicole Sullivan's purchase of this house on the Big Time Listings blog where as always, Mister Big Time knocked us over with all the scoopage. But Your Mama decided to appropriate this property for our little blog because we earlier had discussed another MAD TV alumni, Daniele Gaither and her house of faux finish crimes. Your Mama thought we'd be remiss if we didn't include this property as well, so here we go. But first, Mister Big Time thoughtfully included a good number of photos (and links) of the house in Laurel Canyon Miz Sullivan is selling and y'all should hop over there to see that house too.

Located on easy-access Passmore Drive just off Cahuenga Boulevard on the Valley side of the Hollywood Hills, Your Mama thinks Miz Sullivan may have bought herself quite a bargain when she purchased this house for the surprisingly low price of $1,810,000. Sprawling across five lots, the very private property includes a reasonably sized house, a secluded 1 bedroom guesthouse with a tremendous view, and a studio above the 2-car garage with fireplace and bathroom. All this extra square footage will come in handy for housing in-laws and nannies once Miz Sullivan pushes out the baby that is currently living in her belly.

We're not usually over fond of the Tudor style but Your Mama still has a mostly positive attitude about this house. What we don't like--the too traw-dish-a-nawl decor and the dated kitchen with that disturbing red rooster on the window sill in the breakfast room--is easily fixed with a little money, a good contractor, and a nice gay decorator to dress the place up in a style that is stylish, comfortable, child friendly, and befitting of a mid-level television star.

For all of you that, like Your Mama, are concerned about the drama of navigating all those stairs at the front of the house, please be assured there is another gated driveway that sweeps up to the level of the ground floor making hauling groceries and toddlers much less stressful and exhausting.

Your Mama particularly appreciates the backyard pool area and can imagine wasting many evenings skinny dipping in the moonlight while the lights of the Valley glisten in the distance.

And seriously, what could be better than having your extremely funny and sassy d-list neighbor Kathy Griffin and her pulled and nipped face over for a back yard barbecue or to babysit the kiddies?

Source: Big Time Listings

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