Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brian Grazer Cashing Out in Pacific Palisades

SELLER: Brian Grazer and Gigi Levangie Grazer
LOCATION: San Remo Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA
PRICE: $27,500,000
SIZE: 8,798 square feet, 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms (total on property)
DESCRIPTION: Absolutely remarkable Cliff May Ranch on over 3+ private gated view acres with west city to ocean views. Completely renovated & designed by Michael Smith. Main house with 4 family bdrms + master suite w/ his & hers, fireplace and treehouse views. Best projection room in L.A. Incredible new guest house consisting of 2 bdrm suite + billiard room + craft room + 3 baths. Another structure consisting of office, art studio + gym w/ 2 baths. Huge garden & pool. Must prequalify + give plenty of notice.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Children, we are very, very bizzy this morning heading out to meetings and what not, but we wanted to bring you some new information about this house. Back in December we told you there was some question about whether this house was or was not for sale.

Back in April of 2006, the Mister and Missus Grazer were headed for separation and dee-vorce and the house was put up for sale. Then the couple made serious efforts to reconcile and the house was taken off the market. Sort of. While the house was not listed in the MLS, it was never taken off the website of the powerhouse brokerage Westside Estate Agency.

At this point in the early am Your Mama does not have time or inclination to go find out if the couple have decided to split or stay together, but what we can tell you is that very early this morning we received word from a big name agent in Los Angeles that the house has officially hit the market again just four days ago. And it's priced $500,000 more than it was back in late 2006.

We don't have the photos we would like at this point, but we can tell you we've seen photos and the place is speck-tack-u-ler. The Cliff May house sprawls out over the hill top with outrageous views across both Mandeville canyon and Santa Monica all the way to the ocean. Very impressive indeed.

Given that the Grazer's are filthy rich, it should come as no surprise that the house is kitted and fitted with every possible amenity a Hollywood honcho would ever want or need including state of the art security systems, an art studio, dance studio, gym (of course), a basketball court, and according to the listing, the best projection room in Los Angeles.

The house is located on a promontory way up in hills above Pacific Palisades in an area called The Riviera. The flag lot ensures total privacy and seclusion. Children, you could roam the three acre property stark nekkid without even the possibility of being seen by the neighbors.

When we get some additional photos of this gorgeous property that we can post, we'll do so. In the mean time sit tight and don't email Your Mama asking for more pictures.

Your Mama thinks this property might be a good fit for the Crooz clan. Sure, it's not in Bev Hills or Bel Air, but the Crooz's should seriously consider this house. There are more than enough bedrooms to house the various family members that live with them as well as provide Miss Katie some necessary space to herself. And it's way more private than their rental on N. Alpine and way more discreet and tasteful than some of the other krazy places we're told he's eyed.

We also think Miss Britney Spears might like this property. Remember it's got a dance studio and lots of space for all the nannies the gossips say she employs. If she could ever get her Malee-boo house of horrors and her Bev Hills party pad sold, she could probably just afford this place.

Later today Your Mama will bring you photos and information about the Malibu ocean front house the Grazers purchased back in 2003 for an undisclosed price. We're not aware of it currently being listed for sale, but we'll keep our eyes and ears peeled. You do the same.


Anonymous said...

This place is like buttah!

Anonymous said...

there's a website for this house (by Everett Fenton Gidley, IMO the gold standard of virtual tours), but it's password protected (I haven't been able to hack it yet, but I've succeeded in breaking into some of his password protected sites before, hehe....)

get to work hackers!

Anonymous said...

Just much is this land worth? There is another Cliff May for sale above the Sunset Strip and I think it is something like $6M, though it is quite a fixer upper, about $1-1.5M in improvements and you have yourself a comparable house. I mean, most houses that cost this much are either in Malibu or on St. Cloud or St. Pierre in Bel Air. I would MUCH rather have this house, though.

Anonymous said...

Theres actually quite a few estates worth over $20 million in the Palisades ...

Anonymous said...

IMHO, not possible to compare this Cliff May with the one above the strip. The one above the strip is a third the square footage as well as on a lot the third the size.

But would love to have Mama find out the story behind that Cliff May. It is obviously an industry person selling it.

Anonymous said...

One problem, front door opens into dining area, no grand entrance that most would like for that price. Most guests enter through kitchen hall door.

Anonymous said...

Don't quote me but I believe Crooze DID have a home close to this off Amalfi Drive near Spielberg's place. Was titled in the name of his accountant and sold when he and the blonde skeleton divorced.

Anonymous said...

Same listing price as in 11/06. Unfortunately, no nude sunbathing, it's not that secluded.

Anonymous said...

does anyone realize that directly under the grass lawn is a full on building. It looks like a normal cliff but it has windows and stairs leading down into it.

Anonymous said...

The extension of the grass lawn by the pool is on top of the screening room and offices which were added in the last remodel.