Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is TomKat Moving?

Children, some time ago we heard that TomKat was being ousted from the mansion the Croozer has long rented on N. Alpine Drive in the flats of Beverly Hills. Reports said he was being booted because the owner of the house wanted to sell the place.

Then there was all that nonsense about the May-December couple buying the $25,000,000 Lennie Bernstein place at the Dakota in New York. Which of course proved to be untrue.

Next we read in one of the mainstream gossip tabloids that the Mrs. Crooz was bristling and feeling hemmed in by all the Crooz relatives that live up in their Bev Hills mansion with them. Of course she and his people kept saying that she LOVED living with the inlaws and cuzzins and various other relatives. Please. Your Mama does not believe that any more than we believe that Tommy Crooz is six feet tall.

Not so long after we read those reports, we read that TomKat had purchased a compound high in the hills that included three separate homes. Plenty of room for all the Croozers to live and visit and still allow Katie the illusion of privacy.

Next we heard the unlikely rumor that the couple was looking for a house for Katie to hang out in and get away from the various folks living up in her crib. Which sounded strange and unusual even for this strange and unusual couple.

And then today, out of the blue, we get an email from a high end real estate agent on the westside of Los Angeles who tells us she heard the Croozer bought something in Bev Hills for around $30,000,000.

Who knows where the truth lies? If any of you scientologists that hang at the celebrity center or real estate agents who get a thrill out of tatling want to quietly clue Your Mama and the children in to the real 411, be sure to get in touch. We won't breath a syllable of your name.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps he and the Missus might be interested in the Saperstein shack listed by Joyce Rey: A cool 125 million in BH.

(Space ship not included)

Anonymous said...

Wow, she (Joyce Rey) has taken the $125 million Saperstien mansion listing down from her WEB site. I wonder if there were multiple offers????!!!!