Monday, April 30, 2007

UPDATE: Avril "The Spitter" Lavigne

We L.O.V.E. this one.

Seems Avril Lavigne, everyones favorite faux punker who is as famous for copping a 'tude with reporters and paps as she is for her watered down pop-punk music, DENIES she and huzband Deryck Wibley purchased the Travis Barker / Shanna Moakler mansion up in the guard gated Bel Air Crest community.

As first reported in In Touch Weekly, than on Mr. Big Times' celebrity real estate extravaganza, The Spitter reportedly told some audience or some person that, "Recently I’ve heard that I’ve bought this new house in L.A. and I didn’t. But people say things, and it goes away a week later.”

Yeah, it all goes away just a week later unless The Spitter keeps it alive by continuing to talk about it. Just who does she think she's kidding? Not only was the purchase reported, here, there and everywhere, including the LA Times, public records indicate she was the buyer.

Gurl might have been better off just keeping her spit producing potty mouth shut. You know, fame is fickle hunnies, and it may not be long before no one cares where The Spitter lives, so maybe she should just be happy all us crazy real estate gossips are still yakking about her.

And please, someone buy her old house up in the Mulholland Estates so she can deny ever living there too.

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