Monday, April 23, 2007

More Celebrity News About The Atelier

BUYER: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo
LOCATION: Waaaaay West 42nd Street, New York City
PRICE: Who Cares?
SIZE: 2 bedrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama read about it on Jaunted, who kindly linked over to one of our posts, but yesterday the venerable online tabloid gossip juggernaut TMZ was the first to report that during last week's crazy rain storm, ex-boy bander/ex-Jessica Simpson huzband and his new squeeze Vanessa Minnillo moved in to a 2 bedroom condominium at The Atelier, a huge, new and luxe tower on far West 42nd Street in Manhattan.

We'd feel sorry for the two having to move their shit in the driving storm, but you know Miz Minnillo wasn't schlepping any boxes in the rain, right?

Anyhoo, Your Mama recently heard and reported that these two lovebirds have been shacking up in Lachey's gorgeous Bel Air house that he bought from Heidi Klum and Seal. And now TMZ and Jaunted tell us the couple is living in sin on both coasts.

Well good for them. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby Lacheys in a baby carriage. Look for that news soon children. Not that we know a thing about their marriage or baby plans, but we enjoy speculating wildly.

Many of you will recall that Your Mama reported some time ago that this building, that is located so far West it may as well be in New Jersey, has aggressively courted celebrity tenants like La Lohan and Orlando Bloom. We suspect the developers give the celebs a break on the purchase price or something because why else would a celebrity live over there? Seriously. Have you been there? It's a strange no man's land in Manhattan which is all well and good if you're looking to purchase at a reasonable price, but not if you're on the A or D list of celebrities. Anyhoo, we wish the happy couple a lot of long romantic walks down 42nd Street to Times Square.

Sources: TMZ, Jaunted


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even take one of these condos if it was given to me. The location totally sucks - whether a celeb or not, who the hell would want to live on W42nd? Mama you're right, it may as well be in Jersey!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like they are scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel to get any "name" they can. i wonder if they've contacted tina louise about a penthouse yet?

Anonymous said...

I agree about the location. Too far West. Also, I don't like 42nd street for casual evening walks. Too many people. They should have moved uptown. I'd like to see some of the condos, though.

TRACWILL said...

I don't agree that the location is a bad one. Demode 8-9 aves are populated by lumpenproles by night and commuters by day. 7av and B'way have far too much commercial traffic and light pollution (an increasingly important issue)

No. Smart money buys low now and sells high later to trade up. The wave of development is sweeping toward the west riverbank. In a not so many years the entire area will be well developed in one continuous stretch along 42nd street. Add to this the proposed trolley car linking the waterfront to the transportation hub due east where much of the action will still be and you have prime real estate by the waterfront. it is poised to be sold at a profit - as the aforementioned development will raise the Atelier's value over time - in the near future. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

my best friend just bought an apartment there and I took a visit.
Great Building! I must disagree! The people are so friendly! Not only that but on the 44th floor you can hang out and go tanning. It has a gym, and a swimming pool. My friends apartment had its own washer and drier. Also the location is not bad, it is a couple of blocks from times square!