Monday, April 30, 2007


Your Mama has spent part of today chatting with someone from deep inside the DJ AM entourage who gave us some fun and inneresting updates on the Bev Hills house the famed record spinner purchased back in May of 2006 and we discussed here not too long ago. Here's what we learned:

The formerly fat, now gorgeously slim hipped DJ to the stars purchased the house for around $3,200,000 after a long seven month search. AM proceeded to put "A LOT" of money into renovations that include a movie theater. But has yet to actually occupy the house. Our little tipster tells us AM is just "too lazy" to move from his Hollywood Hills house.

And he may not have to move. While the place is not officially on the market, AM has received a few offers to purchase the renovated property, but none have come up to the BIG number he's looking for to make it worth his time, effort, and bank account.

All Your Mama got to say about this is that gawd bless a spinner who can afford a multi-million dollar house high in hills of Beverly.

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Anonymous said...

why do they call bilo zarif a wine importer and not his true description of white collar thief his silverado savingand loan stole millions from the american taxpayers!