Sunday, April 8, 2007

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley Go All Bel Air

BUYERS: Avril Lavigne and Deryk Wibley
LOCATION: Stratford Circle, Bel Air, CA
PRICE: around $9,500,000
SIZE: 12,184 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 10 full and 2 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Over 12,000 square feet, plus garages for 10-plus cars. Large grass yard, solar heated pool, spa, views. Some of the features are; state-of-the-art kitchen, large family room, formal dining room, office, elevator, wine cellar, media room, play room, exercise room, sauna. There are 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms plus 2 powder rooms. The fabulous master suite has his and her bathrooms, fireplaces and closets. All the family bedrooms have their own marble bathrooms and walk in closets.

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE: Your Mama was able to confirm through an unimpeachable source that yes indeedy, The Spitter and her huzband have purchased the former home of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler.

It seems like such an odd purchase to Your Mama. Why would a gurl who has such a terrible relationship with the press go and buy a house with that has had that sort of history and publicity? Surely they must have known all us gossips would be talking about it, right? Or maybe that was the point. Hmm.

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE: Children, you all are correct. The photos above are indeed the house that Travis and Trashy Shanna lived in while filming their alarming reality program. Your Mama was half asleep when we posted that this morning and we'ren't thinking clearly so we appreciate all of your comments and emails on the subject. We are still looking for confirmation that this is in fact the house The Spitter and her huzband purchased.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: This morning we woke up to Ruth Ryon over at the LA Times Hot Properties column reporting that The Spitter and her huzband purchased a new home in Bel Air, even before getting their Beverly Hills Mullholland Estates home into contract. Those are some impressive finances for a young "lady" and her alterna-huzband, right?

So of course, while Your Mama drinks a huge cup of coffee and pries our morning eyes open, we went a-searching for the property. And we are quite sure we've located the correct property. The public property records have not cleared yet, so rather than be able to confirm the purchase with legal documents, we had to match Miz Ryon's description in her column with the listing information for sold properties in gated Bel Air communities.

There are a couple of obvious discrepancies in the listing we found for this house and Miz Ryon's description in the newspaper. The differences include the number of bathrooms and the purchase price. Miz Ryon states the faux punkers paid "around $9,500,000" for their new house, and the expired listing we found for this house shows an asking price of $8,500,000. Your Mama actually found an expired listing for this property and suspect the price was jacked when it was put back on the market. Also, Miz Ryon reports the house has 10.5 bathrooms, and the listing for this property states there are 10 full and 2 half baths, but that's a tiny difference really.

Here's why we think we've got the right house: right location up in guard gated Bel Air Crest, same square footage, right amenities including the 10 car underground garage, right style of house, and the listing agents are the same as are noted in Miz Ryon's column. And based on the house The Spitter and her huzband are selling in Beverly Hills, this looks exactly like what we'd expect the couple would purchase.

Ordinarily Your Mama does not post properties about which we don't have solid confirmations, but since this is Easter, we figured Jeezis was on our side today and decided to go ahead and post our hunch for the children to read. Your Mama will be sure to let all the children know if we're able to dig up an confirmation so that y'all may sleep easier at night knowing exactly where The Spitter and her huzband are bedding themselves down at night.

As for the house? Ack. It's a huge mansion with a lot of upscale and lavish amenities, but ultimately it's just a tract home in a development where the house two doors down has the exact same layout. Not our cup of tea, but for a couple of fake punk rock celebrity newlyweds known for copping a 'tude with the paparrazi, it makes a strange sort of sense.

What Your Mama wants to know is, what in the devil do a couple of youngsters like this need with 10 bedrooms? Ten! Seriously. And already we're feeling badly for the hired help who have to clean all those terlits with moody Avril breathing down their necks.

Maybe in person she's a really nice person who treats everyone with kindness and light, but Your Mama finds her public persona and the way she handles interviews and fans leaves a lot for her handlers to clean up and explain. Just look at this little gem that Perez Hilton posted the other day. Granted the interviewer was asking stoopid questions, but did she really need to be such an unresponsive turd?

Anyhoo, we wish these two all the happiness in the world in their monstrous new Tuscan style abode. But Avril, please don't spit on us when our carts collide at Whole Foods.

Sources: LA Times, Dream Homes Magazine


Anonymous said...

This was Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's home until the dee-vorce.

Anonymous said...

All the homes up there are very similar so I would doubt it was actually 'The Barkers'. It's not really
Bel-Air either.

Anonymous said...

i was gonna say the same thing. i'm pretty sure this is travis and shanna's house, or at least near by if, in fact, all the houses are similar.

Anonymous said...

That is Shanna & Travis's houses. I recognize that staircase from when she fell down it on MTV.

Anonymous said...

you can see avril's house on the market in Mulholland Estates--6.2mil listed by an agent with Windermere Properties/Sunset Strip.

Anonymous said...

We know that you turd! Mama already made a posting about that article! You obviously don't read this blog religiously!

Anonymous said...

For the person who doubts it's Travis and Shanna's. Well, it doesn't look similar. More like IDENTICAL. But that's probably because IT IS the same house....and also, though I will agree it is odd, the neighborhood just east of the 405 but west of Chalon is considered Brentwood, but if you get closer to Mulholland and the reservoir, where this home is located, it is considered Bel Air. Boo yah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:16

I know it's Bel-Air but NOT Bel-Air proper. Bel-Air proper is around the country club close to Sunset. This property is up close to Mulholland just off the 405 & in no way can be compared to the area around Bellagio, St Pierre, St Cloud, Nimes etc .. It's the Bel-Air equivelent of B.H.P.O.

Anonymous said...

"Bel-Air" proper would really be "Bel Air" proper, wouldn't it? I do agree that it does not even come close to lower Bel Air near UCLA. That is as good as it gets! My two favorite houses in LA are in this on lower Bel Air Rd, the other slightly west on Chalon at Sarbonne.

Anonymous said...

Kitchen is ugly. Too big, too expensive, and lacking charm.

Anonymous said...

I am a realtor in Beverly Hills and I know that this was indeed Travis' former house, but it WAS NOT purchased by Avril Lavigne.

Anonymous said...

this is Avril`s house they live there , deryck has been filming for sum41 , road to ruin in the back garden ,watch no 6 and compare the clip with the steps to the photos from the air of the house and garden