Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grody Brody Jenner in Malibu

RENTER: Brody Jenner
LOCATION: 6487 Cavalleri Road, Malibu, CA
PRICE: $12,330/month
SIZE: 2,190 square feet

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama finds Brody Jenner spectacularly uninteresting, but we understand there are a lot of tweener aged girls and gay boys out there who think he's hot and something to be concerned about so we decided to pop up a post about his recent real estate doings.

Jenner's claim to fame is that he is the son of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner and dated Hollywood ho-bags like Kristen Cavelleri and scary skinny Nicole Richie. Apparently he also appeared on some reality show called The Princes of Malibu. Your Mama shamefully confesses that we will watch almost any reality show, but for some reason we've never heard of nor seen this program. It must have been a real dawg.

A few weeks ago Luxist reported that Jenner was moving into an apartment at the newly built Villa Malibu apartment complex, and today Ruth Ryon at the LA Times elaborated telling the world the young Jenner, who as far as we can tell does not earn an income of his own, signed a year long lease for a furnished unit at more than $12,000 a month.

The photos above are from the Villa Malibu website and we can't be sure this is exactly the furniture that Jenner will be living with, but it'll give all the children some idea of the relative banality of the decor. The reports about the size of the apartment are conflicting, but we think he's rented the unit with the above floor plan.

Now, Your Mama is done talking about this pretty boy who seems to offer the world nothing but a recognizable last time, a handsome face, and a big bubble booty. Let us know when he's got a job.

Sources: Luxist, LA Times, Villa Malibu


Anonymous said...

That's 12,000 bucks for a non-descript 2,200 sq ft condo with a mediocre floor plan and tiny spaces!?!


Miami Architect

Anonymous said...


You said it all with this one. I was thinking the same thing when I read in the LA Times Hot Property that this douche had signed a $12,000 a month lease. With what income? The kid doesn't do anything. Oh yeah, he has a famous daddy.

The place defines *blah*. $12,000? What a rip.

Thanks for the looksie.

- Lysette