Saturday, March 17, 2007

Real Estate Pornography X

SELLER: Adam Gordon
LOCATION: 92 Jane Street
PRICE: $16,500,000
SIZE: 5,000 sq. ft. (approx.)
DESCRIPTION: (Note: The listing agent, who happens to be Robert DeNiro's son Raphael, provided a long and flowery description so we'll just give you a snippet here) Recently renovated, the townhouse's landmark status facilitated the preservation and reconstruction of its existing 1858 Greek revival façade. The building's interior organization is driven by its unique south facing rear yard which is enclosed by blind 35 foot high walls, creating a condition of total privacy. This allows the rear façade to be completely transparent. It also makes a private outdoor room that serves as an extension of the living and dining spaces; entry to it is across a marble slab that bridges a reflecting pond.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Ever since this house popped on to the market we've been referring to it as the Mullet House, historic business in the front, and swank party in the back. Your Mama and the commentating dude that lives at 165 Charles Street would be clawing each other's eyes out over this house if either of us had $16,500,000.

Seldom do we come across a house so sublime, considered and resolved. Mr. Gordon, the owner of this property, does not live here. That's right babies, our Mr. Gordon is a real estate developer looking to make some big bucks on this house. Having purchased the house in February 2005 for just $3,000,000, our Mister Gordon smartly hired Steven Harris Architects to re-imagine the space and design a townhouse for 21st century New York City living.
Harris, who is particularly successful at marrying the past with the present in his myriad of high end commissions, kept the program pretty close to the standard townhouse at the bottom opening to a garden, bedrooms at the top, public rooms in between. However, the sensitive articulation of the space and incredibly refined details stands this house on the shoulders of others.

There are some other amazing downtown houses with modern styling such as the stunner at 13 Leroy Street that was once rented by Will Smith (here and here). Even still, Your Mama finds the Jane Street house to be one step above all the others we've come across lately. The reason? The all glass rear facade and the 35-foot blind walls that allow the house to be flooded with light and still maintain a uniquely private space in the heart of Manhattan. And that children is worth a lot of money.
Your Mama is not going to spend a lot of time pouring over the details of this house...we'll just let you drool over the photos and floor plan yourself. But there is one feature of the house we would like to point out: the top floor den. With floor to ceiling glass on two walls, a fireplace and two terraces, this room has Your Mama peeing in our stretch pants. The front terrace is exposed, and the rear terrace, protected by the roof overhang, includes an outdoor fireplace. And outdoor fireplace right here in New York City. How fucking cool is that?

Be sure to click on the photos and floor plan because the images will open larger so that all the children can see the details.

Sources: Steven Harris Architects, The Real Deal, Prudential Douglas Elliman


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beatiful New York home! I haven't seen one I liked this much since Nathaniel Rothschild's remodel of his Greenwich Village Townhouse. You can see glimpses of it at and

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the mention ... Roughly how expensive do you think the renovation would have cost? It's the nicest house I've seen in N.Y for a long time. I'm wondering how quickly it will sell? It's going to be either snapped up pretty quickly or linger on the market for a while ... I think it will only appeal to a certain type of person, not really an ideal family home & those who can afford this property may require/prefer an apt or loft for the added security ... who knows?

Your Mama said...

Actually Your Mama thinks it would be an excellent family apartment...A spin through the public records and it appears Mr. Gordon took about 5.5 million in loans on the property (that included the purchase price). So after carrying costs and etc. he stands to make quite a penny.

NatD said...

I'm in love.