Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another Posh Place

LOCATION: N. Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $14,950,000
SIZE: 7,780 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This breathtaking and astonishing estate offers unparalleled unique design. Towering foyer with a regal staircase with wrought-iron detailing. Venetian plaster walls, Lofty ceilings throughout, magnificent heated marble and exotic hardwood floors unique chandeliers.Kingly Master suite,4 add bedrms, maids suite.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Children, Your Mama has a crazy morning but we wanted to give you a morsel or two before we run out the door. Later today we will be bringing you another rock star residence, but in the meantime enjoy this virtual tour of one of the many mansions The Spice Gurl has looked at on her quest for the perfect LA pad.

This happens to be the property Tom Cruise suggested she look at. It also happens to be just down the street from the large estate TomKat and their kitten Suri call home which is all the better for Cruise's continued quest to convert the The Spice Gurl and Sexy in to Scientologists. Or at least that's what all the tabs have been saying.

However, Your Mama spoke with someone in the know who gave us a different spin on why the Crusier seems so focused on the Beckhams and it ain't because he's trying to convert them to Scientology. Discuss.

Whatever the case, word in Bev Hills says the Beckhams nixed this full on Beverly Hills glamorama freak out of a house. Too bad. Your Mama can imagine the scene here: Sour Puss wearing her big bug eyed sunglasses perched one of these shiny chairs in the dining room pretending to eat; The Cruiser begging Sexy to go kick a soccer ball around with him in the backyard; Kate sitting quietly as she puts teeny tiny pieces of lettuce in her mouth; The children somewhere else, preferably in another house, with all the nannies and wet nurses...


Anonymous said...

The interiors are vile ... I've watched a couple of t.v shows featuring the beckhams england home & also their madrid home ... Their properties are extremely tasteful & rather subdued - lots of earth tones & certainly not tacky, very sophisticated ... This place is just plain nasty - the decorator should be strung up & shot!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that "children's bedroom" really doesn't belong to a child. If so, I feel sorry for him/her. The outside is beautiful. The inside is cold & horrible.

NatD said...

I agree. The exterior is gorgeous, but the interior, except for the ceilings is very sterile.

Anonymous said...

Looks completely set decorated to me by some tacky realtor. And that master bath....GAH! Hideous use of natural materials. While I did love the silvery drapes in that one bedroom, the nutcracker will certainly give me nightmares. Also, I got such a laugh out of the silly and useless close ups of the tile in the white and gray bathroom...ooohhh...grout...and a a towel...a WHITE towel...ooohhh....aaahhhh....

Lysette / Lysette*One / downtowngrrrl said...

Whoa. I wasn't expecting all that Fug. The slideshow got tackier as it went along. I nearly choked when it showed the first master bath. What's with the swirly walls and that brown textured bathtub in the center of the room ... it looked like a giant turd. How relaxing the thought of slipping into that grandness.

And you could poke an eye out trying to retrieve a bottle of wine from that cellar. All that metal wall ornamentation surrounding the entrance looks like a workers comp claim for the hired help.

I'm just sayin'.