Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is The Lohan Moving to Manhattan?

Oh children, Your Mama does not know if we have the energy and nerve strength to handle the swirling rumors about The Lohan plunking down a chunk of change on a Manhattan pied a terre.

The behemoth, and often accurate gossip website TMZ is reporting that beleagured party princess and one-time ack-tress has purchased an apartment with a mid-century modern design (see photo above).

Well, after a little investigation, Your Mama has to say we're a wee bit skeptical. We immediately rang up our pal Coco Chanel in Los Angeles who often knows what's going down with The Lohan. Coco says she doesn't know whether it's true or not true, but to be trés careful not to believe everything you read about this femme.

Secondly, we've identified the building in the photos and children, Your Mama is quite certain this is The Atelier, one of those humongous and unfortunate Costas Kondylis tragedies on 42nd Street. Do we really think The Security Conscious Lohan is moving into a well appointed, but ugly ass building at the far west end of 42nd Street with nearly 500 small one and two bedroom apartments? On 42nd Street? Seriously?

And third, this bitch cain't stand her father who has just been released from prison. We find it dificult to believe she's going to put herself in his line of born again Christian fire.

Could be true. But Your Mama will not be holding our breath until someone comes up with some cold hard evidence. Remember all that TomKat silliness about them buying in the Dakota? Turns out they bought a place in Los Angeles, not New York. Ack!

Your Mama is headed out immediately to stock up on big bottles of Milk of Magnesia to keep our stomach calm through what promises to be a storm of rumor and guessing. Bye now.

Source: TMZ, Pacific Coast News (photo)

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