Thursday, March 8, 2007

Alexis Stewart: UPDATE

ANOTHER FREAKING UPDATE: Turns out it IS Alexis moving into the collection of apartments that reportedly have been combined into one humongo unit.


In late February, Your Mama and every other real estate column and blog reported that Alexis Stewart, daughter of Big Miss Martha Stewart, purchased three floors and $35,000,000 of real estate at 165 Charles Street, one of the green glass Richard Meier towers on the Hudson River in the West Village.

Well, it did sound strange that radio hostess Alexis would have the awesome amount of cash required to buy up all that square footage. And today Braden Keil at the NY Post explains why. Turns out, these apartments were not purchased by Alexis, but were bought by none other than Big Miss Martha herself.

This is not the first time the homemaking honcho has purchased in the Meier towers. Big Miss Martha purchased the duplex penthouse at 173 Perry Street for $6,100,000 but sold it in 2004 before ever moving in. Guess she's changed her mind about living downtown.

Thanks to Braden for clearing all that up.

Source: NY Post


Anonymous said...

What? I hope they're just an investment ... I rlly don't want her in my building! It seems strange if both her & Alexis are going to be living in the same building a floor apart ... she should just stay uptown on park av

Anonymous said...

O.K ... I probably should have read the NY post article 1st ... so she is moving in & alexis isn't going to be living in the building ... why the hell does she need so much sq ft? I mean, each apt is pretty spacious & most have 175 sq ft storage units in the basement ... Well, at least I can look forward to the continued noise from all the combining / refurbishment going on ...

Anonymous said...

I for one do not want high-profile celebs in my building. They attract pesty press, photogs and who knows what.

My husband Heather Poe and I simply want--not unlike you i suppose-- to enjoy our Lesbitude, cash, real estate investments, and parental largesse in private.

Anyway, gotta run, Mama Lynn is going to give me and Ann Coulter a Brazillian Wax in less than an hour!

-Sister Mary Cheney