Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Atelier Courts Celebrity Tenants

BUILDING: The Atelier
LOCATION: 635 West 42nd Street, New York City

The other day we repeated the krazy rumors about krazy Lindsay Lohan shopping around for a Manhattan pied a terre. It was reported The Lohan might be purchasing a wee pad at The Atelier on West 42nd Street. Then Braden Keil, celebrity real estate columnist extraordinaire at the NY Post alerted Page Six to the real deal. Apparently the "ack-tress" has been offered usage of a condominium furnished with semi-groovy mid-century modern furniture as away of boosting the profile of the monstrous 478-unit Costas Kondylis building.

The building developers have used other celebs such as the gor-gee-us and once bankrupt model Maggie Rizer and tennis star James Blake in previous advertising campaigns as a way of appealing to Manhattan upwardly mobile who have a wicked desire to live amongst the truly rich and famous. Dang, they don't have to move to that building they can move to Your Mama's building were we got folks like Debbie Harry and Katherine Helmond.

Your Mama would bet our bitches Linda and Beverly that The Lohan spends less than one night at the The Atelier, and is more likely to lend it out to pals for late night trysts.

Apparently, the building is also courting Orlando Bloom.

Good grief. Your Mama has a hard time getting excited about all this. Somebody let us know when one of these celebrity people plunk down some of their own money for a place to crash in the Big Apple.

Source: B. Jones, NY Post, Just Jared

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Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that they're giving them away - the location sucks big time!