Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lohan Closes on Sierra Towers Unit

SELLER: Lindsay Lohan
LOCATION: 9255 Doheny Road, Unit 2701
SIZE: 2,117 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Opportunity awaits. The most famous full service high rise in the city. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom Northwest corner unit is on the desirable 27th floor. Boasting killer ocean, city, sunset and Hollywood Hills views. Ready for your client to customize and make it their own ultimate retreat.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Ruth Ryon's Hot Properties column in the LA Times reports today that little Lindsay Lohan has finally unloaded the shell of an apartment she's been trying to sell for the last year. She purchased the 27th floor unit in August of 2005 for just under $2,000,000 then quickly turned around and listed the place with Max Shapiro and Richard Erlich of Westside Estate Agency for a $2,850,000.

Eventually the price was reduced. As was Ms. Ryon, Your Mama was told the apartment sold for very close to the last asking price of $2,495,000 which Your Mama snitched to the children back in early February when the place went to contract. All of this is pretty widely known and part of the public record.

What is not so widely known is the reason she purchased the apartment in the first place. Your Mama has squeezed some of our contacts for a few juicy bits that we can now share. Ages ago Your Mama was sworn to secrecy when we were told by a La Lohan insider that she purchased the apartment as part of an agreement with a glossy magazine.

The agreement, as we understand, was that Lohan would purchase the apartment and the publication would organize and PAY for the renovation and decoration. Once completed La Lohan was to sit for a multi-page photographic spread showing off her swank new digs. You would not be foolish to wonder why a magazine would enter an agreement like that.

Remember children, this was mid-2005, before all the vagina flashing, public fighting with boyfriends, and (allegedly) drunken incidents with other LA scensters like Paris Hilton. And of course before her recent dabbling with rehab. Back then La Lohan was a sizzling hot commodity and a big photo spread with her was sure to bring big news stand sales and publicity for the magazine.

Well, wouldn't you know, fickle gurl that she is, La Lohan backed out of the deal with the magazine and then wanted nothing to do with the apartment. At the time she was happily shacked up at the Chateau Marmont running up huge bill and had no desire to leave the cozy and fabled hotel.

However, it seems the Chateau wasn't so happy with their resident party gurl who was infamous for running up and down the halls making a lot of racket and generally being inconsiderate to the other guests and residents. Imagine that? Your Mama was told, and we make no claims to it's truth, but we were told La Lohan was asked to leave the her earliest convenience. May not be true, and they'll all deny it through publicists, but it certainly sounds plausible.

So what does the bitch do? She leases an apartment at the Sierra Towers. Yes, she does. Back in October, La Lohan left the Chateau and officially moved to a lower level unit at Sierra Towers...the very same building she was selling an apartment she owned but couldn't be bothered to renovate.

Celebrities have funny and fascinating little lives, don't they?

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Anonymous said...

unit 9255 is for sale now lol!

says its been "remodeled"