Thursday, March 15, 2007

More News About Big Hair in the Hamptons

RENTER: Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky
LOCATION: Meadow Lane, Southampton, NY
PRICE: A shocking amount, you can be sure
SIZE: 4.4 acres, 6,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Striking Contemporary situated on 4 +/- acres with 200 ft. of ocean frontage, sited to command 360 degree views of ocean and bay. Designed by Norman Jaffe and custom built by David Webb, this designer house consists of 6 bedrooms and 6 � baths, sunken living room, dining room, bar, gunite pool with spa and sunken tennis court.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Ooo-weee! All the children know how much Your Mama has enjoyed the saga of Big Hair as he hops house to house around the Hamptons while his own ocean front behemoth in Southampton is under construction. And today NY Post's Braden Keil brings us a juicy update in his Gimme Shelter column.

As you may recall, after Big Hair and soon to be wifey sold their ocean front spread in Amagansett they took a long term lease on Terry Allen Kramer's gigantic house at the bottom of Murray Lane in Southampton. But Ms. Kramer, who spends more time at her outrageously huge estate in Palm Beach, sold the house recently for a reported $34,000,000. So Big Hair and soon to be wifey were booted and on the road again.

According to Keil, the peripatetic couple have rented a Norman Jaffe designed ocean front mansion a couple miles west from the Murray Lane property. The house currently owned by financiers Todd Morley and pal Chris Burch who purchased the house in June of 2005 for $14,000,000 and are trying to flip the thing for $25,000,000. If Your Mama has told the children once, we've told you a thousand times that flipping super high end real estate is just one way the rich get richer.

If y'all have some time, google Chris Burch and his estranged wifey Tory. Between Chris and Tory there are half a dozen children, some from previous relationships. A real life billionaire Brady Bunch sort of thing. These two are involved in an somewhat public and acrimonious dee-vorce and have tossed salacious accusations at each other that have been widely reported in New York tabs. Tory Burch, flavor of the month fashion designer and Upper East Side social climber who is forever denying she's a social climber, lives up in a sprawling 9,000 square foot spread at The Pierre in New York. Lately Tory's been seen around town with lady killer cyclist Lance Armstrong, who ev-er-ee one thought was dating Matthew McConaughey. Kidding, we're kidding children.

Anyhoo, boy Burch and Morley have had a difficult time unloading the property after putting the gigantic house back on the market in October of 2005. So they quietly put it out for a summer rental somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000, a staggering sum of money by any standard for a Mad to Lad summer rental. No one is talking about what number Big Hair and soon to be wifey actually paid but likely they're paying somewhere in this neck of the woods for their extended lease.

If you're truly rich and busy, you commute to the Hamptons by helipcopter. And Big Hair and soon to be wifey may have chosen this location in part for its proximity to the Meadow Lane helipad where folks like Calvin Klein and Henry Kravis land when they commute to their weekend houses by helicopter.

But what does Your Mama think of the house? Ack! We have a lot of respect for Norman Jaffe, but this is not one of the the places that puts him at the top of the architectural heap. The house has nice amenities like a ocean side pool and a sunken tennis court, but Your Mama thinks this building looks more like an airport than a beach house.

We just hope Burch and Morley don't sell this one out from under Big Hair and soon to be wifey.

Sources: HREO, NY Post


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completely false. He lives near the HS. Im not gonna say the name of the road though.