Saturday, March 31, 2007

UPDATE: ex-Beach Boy Brian Wilson

SELLER: Brian Wilson
LOCATION: Clerendon Road, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $8,495,000
SIZE: 9,353 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms

Children, we first posted about the sale of Brian Wilson's mansion located up in Mulholland Estates a couple of weeks ago, and you can read that post here. As many of our regular readers surely recall, there were no interior photos available when we first posted about this property. Yesterday we secured a few and want to share them with y'all.

Now babies, we don't want to add any fuel to Mister Wilson's fire or in any way cause him any kind of unnecessary mental anguish, but we are absolutely mortified by the interior of this house. Based on the exterior, we really did think we were going to find something nice.

Seriously hunnies, we are so overwhelmed by the extraordinary banality and strange sheen of countrified opulence that Your Mama is speechless. No doubt every piece of furniture in that place cost as much as a small Mazda, but Your Mama's aesthetic is so far from what we see here we can't imagine anyone paying good money for something as crazy as that coffee table in the master bedroom. And even though we know we're looking at a photograph, Your Mama keeps expecting Gloria Swanson to come dripping down that staircase looking for her close-up.

Because we don't want to be seen as a hater who gets off talking nasty about a music icon, Your Mama feels it's important we say something nice about this house. So here we go...Your Mama loves that simple, rectangular swimming pool and we appreciate the fantastic view. Although we would not want to ruin the experience by stepping inside the house, Your Mama can imagine spending an pleasant afternoon paddling in the pool and having the house boy serve us a nicoise salad poolside as we soak up some sunshine.

An interesting thing about this Mulholland Estates area that we've never discussed is that the uber-luxe and gated development technically sits in Sherman Oaks and not in Beverly Hills. Apparently the developers lobbied hard and pulled some strings to get this development incorporated into the Bev Hills Post Office, or at least for the privilege of marketing the community as being located in Bev Hills. None the less, many of the property records for houses up in this neck of the woods, still show a Sherman Oaks location. This proves that in real estate location is everything.


Anonymous said...

I can't see dropping 8.5 million where the next door neighbors can watch me from their too close and taller house while I'm paddlin' in the pool and chowing down on the nicoise.

Anonymous said...

"Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did"-BNL

Not what I expected,kind of takes the intrigue out of his crazy years.
NY Realtor

Anonymous said...

He didn't live in this house during his troubled years.

I'm sure the decorating is all his wife's work, but I would love to see how Brian Wilson would decorate a house! (ok, no sandbox jokes) It would probably be all pianos and jukeboxes.