Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Emma Bloomberg's New York Nest

BUYER: Emma Bloomberg and Christopher Fressora
LOCATION: 62 Beach Street, New York City
PRICE: $2,450,000
SIZE: 1,683 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: New to the market, this charming 2BR/2bth, 1683 SF loft at the Fischer Mills Condominium features 2 magnificent brick archways, high beamed ceilings and windows in every room. The Poggenpohl Kitchen with Viking range and farm-style sink is flooded with south light and opens to the LR which overlooks historic Beach Street. W/D. Central A/C.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In case y'all missed it, Max Abelson, who writes the Manhattan Transfers column for the New York newspaper the New York Observer, thoughtfully referenced Your Mama and our little blog today in his story about Mariska Hargitay selling off her Beach Street penthouse.

Speaking of Beach Street, this cozy second floor condominium on Beach Street was bought by none other than Emma Bloomberg, the elder daughter of New York City's billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg. And to bring things full circle, the purchase was first reported by Mister Max Abelson in his most recent column, the very same one he mentioned Your Mama.

It's perhaps sad commentary on the state of popular culture that we've come to expect that all American heiresses act like vagina bearing publicity slut Paris Hilton and live in big glammy mansions with leopard print carpeting as does snotty Casey Johnson. But they don't. Just look at Miss Emma who is up at Harvard earning herself a double master's degree in business and public administration.

Are all the children impressed? You should be. So should Miz Hilton and Johnson who appear to rely only on their family name and fat pocketbooks to get them what they want. Your Mama thinks it's sad, nay pa-theh-tick, that girls like Miz Hilton and Johnson have access to all that money and choose not to pursue any sort of higher education or cultural knowledge. That might be hypocritical of someone who writes about the incredibly banal and useless subjects of real estate and celebrities. But Your Mama actually reads the newspaper, has a degree in Victorian literature AND we're not an heiress with a recognizable family name. Or are we?

Anyhoo, Your Mama, clearly a pop culture victim, remains puzzled by the relative modesty of Emma's New York crib. After all, her daddy is the 44th richest man in America with a net worth in excess of $5 billion. Certainly he could have afforded to help her purchase something a wee bit more impressive, right? Something on a higher floor with an itty bitty terrace might make a bit more sense to us. Why, even Your Mama lives in a larger apartment with more bedrooms and bathrooms than this place.

Over all, we think the apartment is nicely resolved if a bit pinched in the living/dining room. The winged bedrooms are dee-vine and the laundry placement works for us. The large kitchen has plenty of counter space and the open layout works great for hosting a dinner party. And who doesn't love a Poggenpohl kitchen? We do notice and appreciate the balcony in the entrace hall, but unfortunately it's really too small to be useful. The apartment seems to have plenty of windows...although we are concerned about the lack of light and excessive noise in a second floor apartment.

Miss Emma, when your and huzband get to New York be sure to give us a ringy-dingy so we can pop over with a lovely little housewarming gift for your modest new home.

Sources: NY Observer, Hello Magazine, Forbes

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