Monday, June 18, 2007

Rob Morrow's Rustic Canyon Modern

BUYER: Rob Morrow
LOCATION: Stassi Lane, Santa Monica, CA
PRICE: $4,300,043
SIZE: 4,131 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Stunning architectural designed by Melinda Gray AIA. Spectacular New Architectural home designed with unparalleled attention to detail. No expense has been spared in creating this dramatic environment of wood, glass and steel. State of the art Boffi kitchen. Open loft style space with soaring ceilings. Pocket doors open to a beautifully landscaped yard with pool, spa and fire pit. The house is pre-wired for sound including the 1,100 sqft basement that could be the perfect media room.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: There are a few people we'd like to thank for their input and assists on this posting. First off, the incomparable Mr. Big Time over at Big Time Listings who included this property in his list of potential Jason Priestley homes, which first made us aware of this house and its possible celebrity ownership. Secondly we'd like to thank Lucy Spillerguts who so kindly and generously shares massive amounts of information and real estate gossip with Your Mama. And finally we'd like to thank Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills. You know what you did for us hunny.

Alright then. Do all the children know who this Rob Morrow person is? In the early 1990s he starred in the television show Northern Exposure, where he played a nebbishy doctor from New York who, for some reason we can't recall or care about, was required to set up a private practice in a remote Alaskan town filled with a bunch of eccentrics. Hilarity ensued, natch.

This was the show where Your Mama learned to hate John Corbett. Not the actor himself, but the cloying character he played who quoted poetry and philosophy over the radio while working his hokey brand of long-haired sexy Zen. Ack! We stopped watching this show because of that character and have never been able to separate the guy from that silly character. Even when he played Carrie's paramour on Sex and the City. We had to plug our ears, shut our damn eyes, or turn off the boob toob when he came on the screen. At any rate, Your Mama digresses and we're here to discuss Rob Morrow, not Mister Corbett, so let's move on.

When the show ended, Mister Morrow went on to ply his trade in a dozen or more television and film projects Your Mama has neither seen nor heard of. Then, in the year 2005 Mister Morrow landed a plum role as an FBI agent on the show Numb3rs. Theshow has provided him with a regular job and a paycheck fat enough to afford him a $4,300,000 house in Santa Monica's Rustic Canyon, which just happens to be one of Your Mama favorite 'hoods in Los Angeles. The not quite Santa Monica not quite Pacific Palisades location gives Rustic Canyon a feeling of blissful remove. Not to mention the lovely ocean breezes that waft up the canyon and leave the smell of salt strong on the air.

Property records show that this house was purchased in February of 2007 for the unusual price of $4,300,043. The newly built moe-derne house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms was listed at $4,595,000, so someone negotiated a decent price reduction for Mister Morrow and the Missus. Savings enough to at least fill the place with furniture.

Now y'all know Your Mama likes modern houses. But this one we're not so sure about. The location is great (if you like the far West Side), and there are plenty of nice features in the house like radiant heating, soaring ceilings, and a gorgeous Boffi kitchen. Of course we also love and covet the huge sliding glass doors on the ground floor which open the interior spaces up to the pool terrace creating a huge covered porch like space.

It's the stairs, however, that cause us great concern. Three floors straight up. AND a basement. No elevator. At least no mention of an elevator that we could find. Imagine all the huffing and puffing the cleaning lady is going to be doing dragging mops, vacuums, and other cleaning supplies all up and down those stairs. Your Mama sincerely hopes the Morrows have been able to find an athlete to be their maid, because otherwise they're going to come home and find Clarissa the cleaning lady dead on the stairs from a massive coronary attack.

And let's not even discuss the extra money the nanny is going to insist on being paid for having to chase a child around in that house. Again, Your Mama hopes the Morrows have found a marathon runner to be their nanny, because the gurl is going to need a good set of lungs and uncommonly strong let muscles to navigate all those stairs chasing after children day after day.

Speaking of children, let's discuss the Morrow off spring before we sign off. Now Your Mama has nothing against celebrities who name their kids after fruit and berries. We find the unusual names very amusing, and sometimes even clever. We can even appreciate some of the truly bizarre ones, like Penn Jillette, who thoughtfully gave his daughter the name Moxie Crimefighter. Mister Morrow and his wifey Debbon have also given their child a "unique" name. One that is surely going to damn her to musical theater hell for the rest of her life and may even result in a beat down one day at The Crossroads School. See hunnies, the Morrow's six year old daughter's name is Tu. As in Tu Morrow. Ponder that one for a while.

Your Mama wishes the Morrows lots of happiness and health in their new home. Especially the health, because y'all are going to need it unless you install an elevator.


Anonymous said...

Mama, I have been to this home some six months ago during a Sunday open house. At the time me and my man was looking for a rustic canyon fixer and happened across this place. It is modern, but we found the interior layout annoying and incovenient. Half way up those steps I was struck with VERTIGO. The yard is average, with some drainage soggy spots and you have to walk up to deck. Too many different levels. Soon we came to our senses, and moved to Beverly Hills.

Anonymous said...

LOL about John Corbett. I feel the exact same way.

Regarding Mr. Morrow, I had no idea he was so whack. That show he's on now? Never watched it, but I call it "Numbthers."

Are you sure Tu isn't just a nickname? I really, really hope he didn't do that to the poor child.

Anonymous said...

I hated that Chris in the Morning character on NE too. Also, Corbett on SitC.

This house doesn't seem worth 4 mil, even with the architectural credentials. Not enough light inside, and then the staircase looks like one for a newly designed library or something. However, the kitchen is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

this house was on the marker for months, taken off, and then put back on.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a minor correction to make to your information about Rob Morrow. His character on numbers is not that of the mathematician. That character is played by actor David Krumholtz. Rob Morrow plays the older brother named Don Eppes, who is a special agent with the FBI. Juist felt you needed to enlist the correct information re: Rob's current character.


Your Mama said...

why thank you doll. you can see i've never bothered to watch numbers...we're fixing.

Anonymous said...

And the show started in 2005, not 2000. The show will be starting it's fourth season next year.


Your Mama said...

damn, we were off our game on this one...thanks. fixed.

Anonymous said...

Rob Morrow does seem to have some essentric tastes going by the way he dresses especially his head and footwear.

In any case, I really enjoyed his Dr Flieshman (I spelt that wrong I think) character and now Don Epps. Numb3rs is brilliant and for "anonymous" who hasn't watched.. you should. It is good and they get their maths facts right (for a change).