Sunday, June 17, 2007

UPDATE: Sharon Stone

We noticed recently that our favorite old school wing nut ack-tress Sharon Stone has put her Beverly Hills flip back on the market.

The single mommy and AIDS activist became spectacularly famous in 1992 for her stunning full frontal vajayjay exposure in the film Basic Instinct. This was loooong before every starvelette and pop tart in Hollywood was flashin' their naughty bits to anyone with a camera. For free! See, Miss Sharon Stone may be a bit batty, but she is no fool. Behatcha made sure she was paid to show her baby maker to the world. Whereas all these other silly gurls exposed their shaved pudendas for nothing but a little publicity in the tabs

Anyhoo, you may or may not recall that in March of 2006 Miss Sharon Stone purchased a big Bev Hills house in which to raise her adopted brood. But for one reason or another, the famously capricious minx never packed her Jimmy Choos and moved in with the children. The house had been on the market for $12,500,000. However, a couple of months ago it appeared to have had an accepted offer.

But alas. The sale did not go through and poor Miss Sharon Stone remains saddled with this white elephant which has been put back on the market for $11,500,000, an amazing $1,000,000 price chop and just $500,000 more than she paid for the place. Does this indicate the market is softening in the super high end market, or did Miss Sharon Stone overpaid for this property? You decide.

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