Sunday, June 3, 2007

UPDATE: Jeff Bezos' Real Estate Pornography

Y'all remember the big Bev Hills house we discussed back in April that internet tycoon Jeff Beszos recently purchased in Bev Hills? The house had been listed at $31,000,000, sprawls across 12,000 square feet of Mediterranean fabulosity, and shares a property line with the current (bust soon to be one-time) Crooz compound on N. Alpine Drive.

Anyhoo, yesterday Mister Big Time over at Big Time Listings tells us the deeds and paperwork for the purchase have been filed and cleared public records and reveal that Bezos got a pretty good deal on the 2 acre spread.

According to Mister Big Time (and public records) Bezos paid $24,450,000 for the property, which is still a shocking amount of money by anyone's standards, but far less than the $31,000,000 asking price.

Your Mama imagines that Mister Bezo's property values will rise the moment the moving trucks pull away from the Crooz compund producing some immediate equity in the property.

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