Friday, June 1, 2007

Your Mama Hears...

...That sad eyed actor Giovanni Ribisi is buying a condominium in Silver Lake. The 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom unit is part of a new complex of townhouse like condominiums right on Silver Lake Boulevard and was listed at $675,000. The photos below are not the actual unit, but another in the same complex.

Your Mama is not able to confirm this purchase through property records so we're going on the good word of Lucy Spillerguts, one of our more prolific and always correct tipsters.

Your Mama can't imagine why the Scientologist and brother-in-law of Beck would want to buy a condo instead of a house, but then again, we're not even sure this condo is being purchased for his own use. Could be just another landing pad for the Scientologist faithful? An interim place while he renovates a house? Or maybe he's just a modest living actor, which is a notion that, strangely, we almost never consider when talking about celebs.

In 2005, Ribisi, along with a lot of the other big name Scientologists like Leah Rimini, Jenna Elfman, the Presley women, and of course, the king of Scientology, Tom Cruise, participated in the opening of the controversial "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum" in Hollywood.

Some of the unsubstantiated allegations about psychiatry this museum puts forth include that psychiatrists are responsible for creating suicide bombers and master minded the 9/11 attacks. (Can you hear Your Mama gasping?). This museum also claims that psychiatry is responsible for the Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. (More gasping.) And finally, the museum claims that between 10 and 25 percent of psychiatrists sexually abuse their patients. (gasping and staggering now).

Now children, Your Mama doesn't really have a lot of beefs with Scientology...we find its beliefs and creation stories are no more frighteningly surreal and unbelievable than any of the other major religions. But we do get our hackles up about the psychiatry issue. If a Scientologist chooses not to go the route of therapy or psychiatry, well so be it. But spouting off unsupported nonsense like this only makes them look, well, a little off their nut.

Besides, who among us thinks Mister Tom Crooz would not benefit from some time in the chair? Pleeze. He may be richer than the Pope and sit at the top of the Scientology heap, but he seems a little half-crocked to us lately. Humble as our opinion may be, Your Mama thinks this man is headed down the same road that Michael Jackson traveled and is slowly turning himself into a parody of who he once was, a legend in his own mind.

Anyhoo, as usual, we digress. Despite Ribisi's rather alarming stance on psychiatry, Your Mama wishes him a smooth closing on this condo, and a happy home, wherever that may be.


Anonymous said...

This is a believable home for Ribisi, actually. Last I heard he was living in a loft downtown, of about an equal value as this place. I can't think of the name of those damn lofts right now, though. It's just early for me.

Anonymous said...

Trying to write a piece on USA Network's Starter Wife and doing some research on the Malibu Colony, I came across this blog.

It is my new favorite thing, and I'm in love with Mama.

Anonymous said...

I thought he had bought one of these a while ago with his (ex?) girlfriend, the drummer in Autolux. I heard it was for an office, not to live in.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that all the $ci clams become broke.

Anonymous said...

He's horrid anyway - One night he was in Otto in N.Y with his friends & I couldn't believe his behaviour ... I would have poured his food over him if I were the wait staff - he was a major ass!