Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Fred Savage Trifecta: SELL

We have so much Fred Savage real estate gossip coming at you that we have to split it up into three parts. The first will deal with the house he recently sold in the Hollywood Hills, the second part will focus on the house he and wifey recently purchased in Hancock Park, and the third section will discuss the Devlin Drive house he bought, renovated, and recently flipped for a substantial profit. So babies, we recommend you go get yourself a snack and a glass of water to sustain yourselves.
SELLER: Fred Savage
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,249,022 (sale price)
SIZE: 2,756 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Hip contemporary home located just above the Strip. This home has stunning views from Downtown to the ocean. The living room has 20 ft. ceiling, walls of glass with views of the pool to the east and ocean views to the west. Also located on the first level is a cozy office with garden views and warm den facing the pool. On the second level are two master suites, one with views to the ocean and the other with views of downtown...very private.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Although the world remembers Mister Fred Savage as the somewhat geeky and confused Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, Your Mama is quite sure Mister Savage would prefer the world also remember him for some of his later and more recent television rolls on Working (late 1990s), Crumbs (2006), and Kim Possible (2004-2007). Your Mama has never heard of these more recent programs, so unfortunately for Mister Savage he is stuck being a pubescent pre-teen in our mind.

After The Wonder Years, Mister Savage had the good sense to use some of his earnings to pay for his matriculation at Stanford University where in 1999 he graduated with a degree in English. It warms Your Mamas heart to see a wealthy child star stay focused and get a proper education. Seriously, when is it going to be cool for the heirs and scions of Hollywood to be smart and educated like Mister Savage? When?

Not long after getting his degree and re-entering the television circuit, Mister Savage purchased this home in the Hollywood Hills. Property records indicate the former frat boy bought the house in May, 2002 for $1,400,000. The 2,756 square foot house is located up a shared and private drive way that ensures stoopid looky-loos and crazed fans will not be parked out in front of the house. It also happens to be very close to ex-convict Paris Hilton's Mediterranean house of horrors, and unfortunately, the most efficient way to get to this house is to drive right through the paparazzi throngs that often lie in wait in the bushes around Hilton's house.

In order to gain entrance to this house, one must walk by the swimming pool, which occupies much of what is technically the the front yard. What concerns Your Mama about this set up is drunk people. We love a swimming pool, but this particular pool would need to be roped off so that inebriated celebrity party pals like Misha Barton and Tara Reid do not fall into the pool and drown on their way to the front door. That would be a tragedy and a scandal which would only put a stigma on the property and decrease it's value on the open market.

The property being low in the hills means that it thankfully sits below the smog line most of the time, preserving the views to the ocean. As for the decor, well, we're not so impressed really. The den room with the chocolate sectional sofa, the sun burst mirror, and the red table lamp looks cozy. But what's with the country style coffee table?

The master bedroom clearly has the hand of a decorator all over it, with the trendy and new-fangled wall paper and the leather head board and matching bench at the foot of the bed. But the master bathroom? Jeezis, Mary, and Joseph, that is one ugly bathroom and it looks like something out of a 1970s soft porn film. And not in a good way either. We're not even sure that room is suitable for doing the dirty bizness, but for sure Your Mama would have to bathe and groom in that brown room with our eyes closed.

The kitchen looks fully functional and decently sized. And it appears that someone spent a lot of money in there on the glossy cabinets sometime the late 1980s or early 1990s. The room is open to the living and dining areas, loft style, which many seem to like. But Your Mama does not need to tell the children that we are not innerested in looking at the dirty pots and pans when we sit down to the dinner table so we prefer a kitchen that is it's own room. And the Venetian blinds? Good for modulating the light, but not so good bad for the eyeballs.

Originally priced at $2,649,000, the price was reduced to $2,499,000 before a buyer bit the bullet and paid $2,249,022 for the house n March of 2007. The profit is not stunning or remarkable particularly when you consider the money Mister Savage likely put into improving the house and the exploding market in Los Angeles, which has created insane profits for many home sellers who purchased in the early 2000s before the market when plum crazy.

Mister Savage and wifey Jennifer recently had a child, and we imagine that might have something to do with the sale of this house. While it's fine for a teenage child, it's not really equipped with the sort of back yard rich and famous folks like to provide their young children.

Next up, the Hancock Park home the Savage family recently purchased.


Anonymous said...

Not crazy about this one. It may be just the angles those photos were shot from, but the living areas look cramped to me, except for the bedroom which has too many homes looking straight into that wall of windows for comfort.

Anonymous said...

what kills me is that Mr. Savage chose to sell two brilliant mid-century homes...and buy an ugly overdone spanish mess.

Anonymous said...

This house is okay. Nice view. The bathroom is bad, though. I wasn't impressed with his other two properties either.