Monday, June 11, 2007

Aimee Osbourne's West Hollywood Hideaway

SELLER: Aimee Osbourne
LOCATION: Huntley Drive, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $1,499,000 (list price)
SIZE: 1,620 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms,
DESCRIPTION:Gorgeous, gated & private Spanish home in highly desirable neighborhood close to Melrose shops & restaurants. Private courtyard surrounded by lush landscaping, wood floors, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, gorgeous living room with beamed ceilings and fireplace, charming dining room, Zen-like yard with pool & spa. Garage converted to bonus room.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Looks like the Osbournes are selling houses like crazy all across the Los Angeles basin. First they put up their big Doheny Road house that was featured on the reality show, only to take it off the market and then recently, quietly, put the place back on the market. The family also owns a couple of ocean front houses in Malibu, one of which they have on the market for more than $10,000,000.

Now, the eldest offspring of Ozzy and Sharon has listed, and apparently gone to escrow, on her modest, but very lovely Spanish style house in West Hollywood. Aimee Osbourne is probably best known to the public as the daughter who refused to take part in the MTV reality show that launched her brother Jack and sister Kelly into reality show super stardom. Aimee was so unhappy with the show that she moved from the family home and publicly lambasted MTV for making her father look like a buffoon. Can you blame her?

Although the Osbourne family is pretty tightly knit, the aspiring singer has a life of her own in LaLa Land that includes once sharing a place with pin thin starvlette Nicole Richie, who reportedly accused Aimee of trying to steal her boyfriend of the moment Elijah Blue Allman, which would be Cher's son. Aimee has fired back claims that Skinny had a lot of problems and skipped out on the rent. Somehow we're not surprised. Aimee, who at one time wrote for the slick fashion and lifestyle magazine Nylon, also reportedly dated rehab flunky Robbie Williams for a short bit. So even though the gurl lives a quiet life in Los Angeles largely out of the glare of the media spot lights, her blackberry is none the less filled with all the same names as the other young and rich Hollywood scions who scoot around town in their fancy cars and say embarrassing and disturbing things to the TMZ cameras.

Located in a very nice part of West Hollywood, the house is just a quick minute from swanky Robertson Boulevard where young and glamorinas alike shop and pose for the paps at Kitson and then go eat and pose at The Ivy while pretending to eat atrociously expensive salads. The property has been walled and landscaped for complete privacy, which Your Mama loves as much as we love anything. Just because you don't live up in a mansion in Bev Hills does not mean that you want passers by peeking in your windows or care to park your car in an unsecured driveway where any ruffian with a hatred of BMWs can run a key down the side of the automobile.

Anyhoo, the listing agent, Joseph Babajian, happens to be the same gentleman who has the family manse on Doheny Road listed. He also happens to be the agent who we are told represented Sexy and the Spice Gurl in their recent $22,000,000 Beverly Hills purchase. So you know he's a heavy hitter in the celebrity real estate game. But ol' Babaj let Your Mama down with this house by not providing a few more photos of the luscious interiors. He's usually so good with the photos.

Property records reveal that Aimee purchased this house in April of 2003 for an undisclosed sum of money. They also reveal that the house was paid for in cash. Lucky gurl. It can be nice to have rich folks who share their wealth with the kiddies. The modest house measures only 1,620 square feet according the assessor and features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The detached 2-car garage has been converted into additional living space out by the swimming pool.

Ordinarily Your Mama is not down with the lagoon style swimming pools, but we confess this one looks very inviting with the spa tucked back into the corner amid the palm trees. The living room has a great shape and we're digging the high beamed ceiling that has been painted a crisp white. The windows that drop all the way to the floor are delightful. We would like to see a huge chocolate brown rug laid down on that shiny wood floor to warm the place up, but otherwise we like this room. Clearly no fancy gay decorator has been up in there working his magic, but we're appreciating how the room is not even trying to look decorated. We're also appreciating the total lack of religious iconography.

Now hunnies, please, don't be driving up and down Huntley looking for Aimee because not only is the house well screened from the road, but this bitch would sooner cut you than have you snapping photos of her as she's taking out the garbage. Seriously. She's a nice gurl, but she is not innerested in publicity or having some dumb ass standing out front of her house looking to take photos or ask for an autograph. So do Your Mama this favor, and leave the gurl alone.

Your Mama likes this Aimee gurl. We do. Not only did she choose not to (over)use her family name to achieve fame and success in the same way her siblings have, the lady has survived breast cancer. Did you hear us? Sur-vived. We wish her continued health and look forward to hearing she's moved beyond the five year clear mark.

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Anonymous said...

Everything about this place is purrrfection. Gotta love it.

And thanks for the background on Aimee, Mama. The way she turned out seems something of a miracle, growing up Osbourne and all. Not to diss the other members of that family or anything. Just sayin'..

Anonymous said...

It's quite refreshing that someone in L.A under 30 with all the right connections chooses to shun celebrity ... Joe Babajian has worked with the family for years ... he bought / sold Kelly's N-Kings Rd house & her condo also ... which she may still own[?] though she pretty much is always in London now ... surprised this place isn't covered in cameras b/c Sharon is security obsessive - they have 24/7 security team at the house on Doheny Rd - you always see burly guards hanging around the gate!

Anonymous said...

Someone please buy this place and take down those ridiculous awnings. The horror!

alex the sea turtle said...

Undesclosed amount of money? Looks like she paid about 1,165,000 for it in 2003.

Anonymous said...

I love how long people leave their blogs up for. Seriously though, it's a really nice looking place and it must be nice being able to afford paying for a place like this in cash because I couldn't afford it in my wildest dreams. Imagine this instead: a modest middle class apartment with 2 bedrooms, one bath and a leaky air conditioner in the hallway? Mhm. It is quaint but at the end of the day you have to share the pool with whatever neighbors are there and one must cross their fingers to hope a working hot tub. An improvement on a one bedroom apartment surrounded by possessions in boxes because I had no bedroom then to be sure but still. Aimee has an open invitation to go out with me anytime. It's no Oakland or SF but I keep it real to the central valley and most of all myself. You can drop by too Your Mama. My place is always open for good people and great times.

- Mysterwright
Dixon, Ca

Anonymous said...

It's back!


Kiara Miles said...

Aimee Osbourne is Nylon Magazine