Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Billy Joel Is At It Again

BUYER: Billy Joel
LOCATION: Sagaponack, NY
PRICE: $16,750,000
SIZE: 5,000 square feet (approx.) 5 bedrooms 5.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The Hamptons high end real estate market may not be as frenzied and brisk as it has been the past few years, at least that's what we hear, but it none the less continues apace with singer/songwriter/serial drunk driver Billy Joel going to contract for an expensive ocean front house in swanky Sagaponack. Page Six of the NY Post reported the other day that Mister Billy Joel, who buys and sells alarming amounts of real estate, has gone to contract to purchase actor Roy Scheider's shingled ocean front house on Gibson Beach.

Here's what Your Mama knows about gorgeous Gibson Beach. It used to be the dog friendliest beach in the Hamptons, and Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter spent many pleasant afternoons watching our bitches Linda and Beverly frolic in the surf and roll in the warm sand. But alas, it's not as dog friendly as it used to be, and recently we've heard ugly stories of people receiving tickets for letting their pooches off leash.

Gibson Beach is also well known for being a place where the ladies can let the sun shine on their bare breests. Keep in mind that in order to park at Gibson Beach, you must have an expensive beach sticker, so don't any of your pervs from Massapequa drive out in your Ford Taurus hoping to get a look at rich lady boobs unless you're prepared to walk a very long way from one of the "public" beaches.

We have very little information on the house it is reported Joel is buying, and only the one photo above that a kind Hamptonite sent us. But we are familiar with the location of the house. Modest by Hamptons standards, the house sits on an acre of land right next to the parking area for Gibson Beach. Which means that on summer weekends all sorts of investment bankers, stay at home moms who drive Range Rovers, and topless ladies will be sitting on the beach out back of the house.

We're sure Mister Joel likes dogs, and we're positive he likes bare breasts, but this location is very public, and we have a tough time imagining he's going to be comfortable with beach goers being able to look up in his back yard.

Could this be an investment? Could he be purchasing a place for Alexa Ray to enjoy the summers? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

is this the place at the end of sagg main st? it is a weird location for a celebrity due to all the cars in the lot next door. funniest post in a while mama!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, this house is at the end of Gibson Ln.

Anonymous said...

well it's not beside the 'parking area' then ... a few cars can park at the end of Gibson Ln but 2 mins along the beach there is a huge lot at the end of Sagg Main St ... I assumed mama was referring to this 'parking area' ... If it's at the end of Gibson Ln then thats a fine location ...

Anonymous said...

Someone said this was Roy Schneiders old house.