Monday, May 7, 2007

Absolutely The Last Crooz News

Dear God children Your Mama will be calling the men in white jackets ourselves if we can't put this TomKat real estate news to bed soon. Our cohorts over at RADAR have photos of the house and we couldn't leave you without that link, so go have a look-see at the tasteful opulence.

Today we also heard from someone who has been INSIDE the the new Crooz mansion and tells us it's "stunning." We can not reveal our source on this but let's call her Misty Gold. Misty would like you to know the kitchen has the biggest slab of Carrera marble she'd ever seen and that in the "awesome office" there was a photograph of Dick Cheney.

Misty also tells us that the two guest house like structures on the property are currently being used as a home gym with a massage room and a screening room.

The new swimming pool is a wee bit small according to Misty and the fountain in the drive court struck her as a little mafia like.

In an out of character moment, we're going to refrain from long commentary on the photos over at RADAR and say only that although we're not loving the exterior, the interior is ringing our bells. As usual, it's not what we'd do to our house, but who can beef and whine about all that delicious luxury?

P.S. To the person who asked if we drove by the new Crooz compound, yes we did. The other day the Dr. Cooter and I were whizzing down Schuyler Road in Bev Hills when Your Mama realized we were just around the corner from the new TomKat lair. How could we not have driven by children?


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your impressions.
Is there an area for the photogs to hang out?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The exterior of this manse is very generic, like a CT McMansion. However, the inside is quite nice, especially the floors in the piano room and also the "den" or office room.

Anonymous said...

I have also been inside this house on one occasion, very, very nice...

Anonymous said...

A photograph of Dick Cheney inside the office of Kurt Rappaport's home?? I think the source for that bit of information is highly questionable to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who gets the lovely bedroom, Tom or Katie? (snicker)