Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Show Some Love for Girlfriend Golden Brooks

SELLER: Golden Brooks
LOCATION: Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,650,000
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Upscale celebrity owned contemporary with 2 story entry hall, skylights, hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, media room, home office and over sized gourmet kitchen. 2 fireplaces, city views. Very hip, sexy and decorated to perfection. Outdoor patios with bbq & cabana. The perfect entertainers home. Shows extremely well. Near all studio. Private, quiet, all access security and direct access from the garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Okay children, Your Mama is very bizzy today and we have a back log of celebrity homes to bring you this week, so we're going to dash this off right quick. This property was easy as it's being marketed as a celebrity owned home. And the celebrity is Golden Brooks. Do y'all think that is her real name? We do not have the time to go looking that up, but can we assume that since the lady is from San Francisco that maybe her parents were hippies? Don't quote Your Mama on that one, we're just grasping at straws.

Miz Brooks plays on a program called Girlfriends on the CW, which is of course the channel that was formed by the not so successful merger of UPN and the WB. Girlfriends is a comedy about the trials, tribulations, and relationship dramedy of four strong and upscale black woman. The show co-stars Tracee Ellis Ross who happens to be the daughter of Your Mama's favorite old school big haired music diva, Miss Diana Ross.

We find it inneresting, and perhaps you will too, that Miz Brooks is not just and ack-tress. Oh no. She is an educated ack-tress with a degree from UC Berkeley, and even more impressive, a Master's degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Well alright gurl, you got it done in the school room!

Property records are a wee bit confusing on this least when we're trying to rush out the door to a meeting. Records show that Miz Brooks purchased a vacant piece of land in June of 2002 for $856,500. We can only assume then that she had this house built to her specification shortly thereafter. The house sits way up in the hills just off Mulholland Drive, incidentally, not far from a house Your Mama once looked at. The easy access to Highway 101 and Cahuenga (ka-weyn-ga to those not in L.A.) Boulevard make this home particularly appealing.

Anyhoo, the listing did not include any exterior photos of the house so we can't offer any pithy, cutting, or complimentary remarks about the architectural statement, or lack thereof, the house makes.

We do, however, have mixed feelings about what we see on the interior. We are loving the glamour-fest of the living and dining spaces. The taupe wall and he white 1940s chairs coupled with what appears to be a Lucite dining table is dee-vine. We even like the big mirror leaning against the wall even though big leaning mirrors are no longer that fashionable. The light blue sofa with the tufted arms is sa-weet. It does remind us of something we might see in the dressing room of an upscale ladies boutique, but we're good with that.

A little tough to see the details of the kitchen which appears to be a pretty standard issue remodeled kitchen with black granite counter tops. We imagine, but are not sure, there are stainless steel appliances. Right?

We like that there are more bathrooms than bedrooms which means guests will have their own private pooper. All all the children know how much Your Mama appreciates private poopers.

Here's what we'd change. Given Miz Brooks' flair for furniture with a dramatic side, we'd darken the floors. Nothing wrong with the golden like her name yellow floors, but we just think something ebonized would allow that Lucite table and blue sofa to pop more effectively.

All due respeckt, but we're not feeling that stair railing gurl. We don't know if it's just a bad picture or if that rail would be better suited to a tract house in Temecula, but it looks like you ran out of money when you bought that thing.

The other change we might suggest is a rug or two. Obviously we're not seeing much of the house and perhaps there are rugs all over the place. But we're thinking a nice boldly colored rug in that room with the fireplace would have those white (or creme?) slipper chairs and the glass coffee table looking more fetching and inviting. Every woman and gay guy with a television knows how all the designers on HGTV stress focal points so we'd also recommend sticking a nice piece of art up over the fireplace to draw the eye upwards to toward the fireplace.

Your Mama would like to wish Miz Brooks success in selling her house and we look forward to our invitation to the housewarming at yer new place.

Sources: Internet Movie Data Base


Anonymous said...

If she bought vacant land and had the house built, you'd think she wouldn't recycle the old stair rail from her Mama's 1970s split level in Babylon (South Shore of Long Island for those not from the area). Other than that, pretty decent house for the price, good call on darkening the floors, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Love the balcony off the living room. Looks like a nice view/vista. Furnishings are rather boring, but the house looks nice. Price isn't bad. I wonder where Golden is planning to live now. I doubt the show is getting renewed. She's hilarious on it, though.