Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Danny Masterson in Beachwood Canyon

SELLER: Danny Masterson
LOCATION: Holly Mont Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,595,000
SIZE: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Live above it all in a beautiful and unique Spanish with amazing views. An oasis located within minutes of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Excellent vintage craftsmanship. This home has so much character, from its dramatic front door, to its custom paint and marble and gold leaf fireplace. Master-suite with retractable projection screen and surround sound, large kitchen and dining room, multi-terraced yard with private pool and hot tub. Perfect for entertaining. 2-car garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Let's see, what does Your Mama know about Danny Masterson? We know that for eight seasons and 194 episodes, he brought his white man afro and dry sense of humor to the now defunct That '70s Show, which produced a handful of big name television actors including Aston Kutcher and lady-killer Wilmer Valderama with whom Masterson has invested in a couple of restaurants including the Italian eatery Dolce on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and Geisha House on Hollywood Boulevard.

Along with another of his '70s Show costars, this time flame haired Laura Prepon, Masterson has also invested in an industry magazine about playing poker. Your Mama is bored to tears by poker, or any other form or gambling for that matter, but we understand that for years Masterson and his peeps have had a regular poker night.

If you live in or around L.A. and spend your time club hopping where the celebrities go to get away from the common folk, you prolly know that Masterson is a budding DJ who goes by the brilliant and slightly disturbing moniker DJ Mom Jeans.

We also know that our young Mister Masterson is a proud and vocal life-long Scientologist, having been raised up in the "religion." We could take some pot shots about Zenu, getting "clear" and/or that freaky king of Scientology Tommy Crooz, but the truth is we like this Danny Masterson, so we're not going to touch that shit.

Property records are a wee bit confusing on this one, but as best as we can tell, Mister Masterson purchased this home in July of 1998 for just $560,000. This would have been right about the time Masterson landed his lucrative and long running role on That '70s Show.

Your Mama is not sure we're appreciative of all the decorating choices Mister Masterson has made in his Beachwood Canyon house, but we are just so relieved and pleased to see a house that actually feels like it reflects the owner's personality and interests. We love a beautifully decorated house all done up by a nice gay decorator, but even more, we like to see a house with a quirky and idiosyncratic personality.

This house is not trying to impress anyone, and for what it's worth, this is exactly how Your Mama recommends young Hollywood live. Unlike some other young and rich celebs, say The Spitter Avril Lavigne, Mister Masterson lives with an admirable modesty. Because let's be honest, what does a famous person in their 20's need with 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms? Please.

In addition to Masterson's many and varied interests and projects, it appears that he frequently invests in Los Angeles real estate. Property records indicate the level-headed actor has bought at least six apartments and small apartment buildings in the last several years, sometimes on his own, sometimes with his brother Chris, and sometimes with a fellow Scientologist named Ben Shulman. In July of 2003 Masterson purchased an apartment on Revere Avenue in Los Angeles and sold it on to costar Laura Prepon for a $165,000 profit after owning the place less than one year. It seems that along with a talent for acting, our Mister Masterson has an impressive knack for making savvy real estate investments.

Being somewhat familiar with the once electric and increasingly slow Los Angeles real estate market, Your Mama expects this house will sell quickly and at a good price. Bully for Mister Masterson who will walk away from this house with more than 1,000,000 smackers. Don't know where Masterson is planning to live now, but we sincerely hope he's keeping it real and not out shopping for a 12,000 square foot palace in Beverly Hills.

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Anonymous said...

Place definitely needs a rehab, but the price isn't bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Dunno if I could ever by a Scientologists former pad, I'd be too afraid the "church" had the place bugged or at te very least filled with scary vibes...