Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Crooz News

BUYER: Tom Cruise?
LOCATION: 7860 Torryson Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $9,850,098
SIZE: 2.4 acre, 4,965 square feet (main house per assessor)

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Okay children, we're a mite bit confused, but we're bringing you what we sussed out on some more of the Tom Crooz did-he-or-did-he-not buy a house bizness.

Earlier today Janet Charleton, one of our favorite LA based gossips, reported about the rumors that Tommy Crooz does not let poor Katie and Suri off the Alpine Drive compound unless she's got a Scientology "minder" along for the ride. Sounds about like what we expect to hear about this unusual couple.

But more interestingly to Your Mama, Miz Charlton mentioned that Crooz had purchased a house in Beverly Hills. And then we found a recent column by Fox columnist Roger Friedman in which he quite confidently reports that Crooz purchased a compound about 18 months ago on "Torreyson Road."

So you know what Your Mama did. That's right. We went searching the maps and property records and this is what we came up with. There is no Torreyson Road in Beverly Hills that we could locate. But there is a Torreyson Drive way up in the hills of Hollywood. A large parcel was indeed purchased in June of 2005 for just under $10,000,000 at the western end of the street. And, that property has undergone an extensive renovation over the last year or so. AND, the newly built guest house looks very much like a house that was pictured in a wee article in US Weekly a few weeks back.

Could it be? Is it possible that back in 2005 before Tommy courted Katie (and Scarlett and Jessica) that he was also making plans for a new marital hideaway to raise up his clan of budding Scientologists?

The house is located at the dead end of a quiet street, and if these reports have any truth to them we can only imagine the residents of Torreyson Drive are tense and edgy just thinking about the hordes of paps and looky-loos that are going to be camped on the street 24/7.

Incidentally, at the opposite end of this street sits the tremendous Mediterranean mansion owned by ex-boy bander Justin Timberlake that we heard some time ago was quietly on the market. Could it be that Justin got wind of the impending Crooz mess and decided to high tail it out of there?

Your Mama has reported several times that Crooz and clan have to move from the Alpine Drive rental compound sooner rather than later as the owner wants to sell the place. Why Crooz wouldn't just buy that place, we don't know.

Eventually all this will be confirmed and clear and we'll all breathe a deep sigh of relief when TomKat finally moves to their new house.


Anonymous said...

I thought USWeekly and OK had been reporting he was building a "compound" in the Hollywood Hills for some time, wondered why no blogs had mentioned it yet

Anonymous said...

Oh I could definitely see them buying that place up! If you are talking about the house at the VERY end of the street, Mama, you are talking about a gorgeous Richard Neutra house with killer views. P.S. Chemosphere, the most iconinc L.A. house, is on Torreyson as well.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget Vincent Gallo, next door at 7847 TORREYSON DR. Actually listed as vacant land.

Anonymous said...

Oh no no no no no no no, now my house down the street will never sell! Please keep the Scientologists away, at least until my place sells! I can't live near that man and his minders, they will try to convert the entire neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Is one these Torreyson compounds the one that Helen Hunt renovated and flipped 5 or so years ago? Was once owned by Ricky Nelson, and originally built by a silent film star like Errol Flynn.

Anonymous said...

ister t...when did Vincent Gallo move there? He used to live on Mulholland... but I was actually at his current house ( a killer Lautner house, literally on of LA's finest, that is not on Torreyson...not even close) last summer, and i have heard nothing from my friends of him moving. The only house on Torreyson I could see him wanting to move into would be Benedikt Taschen's.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...we talking Valley-side, here? Huh.

Anonymous said...

yes, valley side....though torreyson does wind its way up to face the proper side too,