Monday, May 14, 2007

Madonna Low Balls Manhattan Mansion

While Your Mama was away on vacation we missed some fun and interesting celebrity real estate gossip including the juicy tidbit posted on the 8th of May in the NY Observer about Madonna's low ball offer for an Upper East Side townhouse.

All the New York real estate gossips went bonkers a couple months ago when Madonna was being squired around to all the ritzy townhouses that are for sale. Along with a slew of other websites, columns, and blogs, RADAR told us Madge went ape shit for the $35 million John Duncan mansion at 8 East 62nd Street which sprawls over 15,000 square feet and includes a swimming pool in the basement, three kitchens, and a bamboo forest in the library.

Then last week the NY Observer, who are blessed with some of the most accurate and prolific tipsters, reported that an insider whispered to them that Madge has made low offers on several high end properties around town including a $25,000,000 offer on the Duncan mansion.

See children, even rich people have budgets and look for bargains. If you can call $25 million a bargain for a house anyway. Whatever the case, New Yorkers eagerly await Madonna's return even as they mock her for her new British accent and maul her in the tabs for her adoption of an African boy.


Anonymous said...

In 2005 that townhouse was on the market for $24 million so she's not being unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

G the Congradulator

Yeah the house makes news like this simply because its a daaaam hot, beautiful, ganster, man-like, expensive, sounds fun to be in house. 50 you are the boom man keep doing ur thing PEACE