Friday, May 18, 2007

UPDATE: Jonathan Antin Blows Out of the Birds

Remember back in late March when we told y'all about Jonathan Antin's sexy bachelor pad up in the bird streets of Los Angeles? Well, we're not sure if that house has been sold yet, but we did get an update on where the hairdressing hottie is moving from John Doe, one of our trusted men on the streets of Los Angeles.

We hear that the male beautician, with the face of an aging model and a very healthy ego, purchased a house in Toluca Lake for $1,980,000. The single story house, while located in a fancy schmancy neighborhood and across the street from private Toluca Lake, is fairly modest at 2,859 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Just enough room for Antin, Sescie the wifey, baby, and the baby on it's way.

The gated property is quite private, but there is no swimming pool in the backyard where the hunky hairdresser can lay around in a teeny bathing suit and work on his deep tan. Pity.

Sorry, Your Mama ain't got no photos for the children on this one.


Anonymous said...

MamA!!! What's up with not being able to comment on some of the posts?!?!

Anonymous said...

this house sold for $1,500,000.00
Jimmy "pockets" Nasser represented Jonathan.