Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slash in the Hollywood Hills

LOCATION: Wattles Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $6,995,000
SIZE: 1.76 acres, 5,539 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Spanish masterpiece sited majestically on apx. 1.76 acre promontory at the end of a private, gated road. Massive views throughout, from Downtown L.A. to the ocean. Beautiful walled courtyard. Fabulous indoor & outdoor living rms w/fireplaces. Wonderful chef's kitchen. Media/billiards rm. Master suite w/its own private patio & fireplace, & 3 add'l bdrms in the main house, each w/their own baths. Separate gsthse w/bath. Separate gym. Beautiful detail work & landscaping. Designed for entertaining.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama was never much of a fan of the heavy metal hair bands, but even we know that Slash, real name Saul Hudson, become famous for wearing top hats and playing crazy guitar in the 1980s and 90s in the hugely successful band Guns & Roses. That band, whose lead singer was, of course, bad boy Axl Rose, busted up in the mid 1990s over reports that Axl and Slash were unable to get along well enough to continue to collaborate. Some reports even say the two have not spoken since they band officially broke up in 1996 and that the feud remains bitter to this day.

Slash went on to form a couple other bands, eventually regrouping with a few members of Guns & Roses to form Velvet Revolver. Your Mama has never heard of Velvet Revolver, but apparently they were in the studio last year recording their second album. An album we're sure rockers dudes with ratted hair and bandannas tied around their thighs eagerly await.

Side note: Back in the late 1980s Your Mama was associated with someone who was temporarily staying up in Axl Rose's house. So, of course, we had the phone number to the house, and we distinctly recall speaking to our well connected pal on the telephone one day and there was all this intense shouting going on in the background. Turns out Mister Rose was having a primal scream therapy session. That's about all we know about Axl Rose.

Anyhoo, in 2001 Slash married a lady named Perla and they proceeded to make a couple babies and, according to property records, nest down in the unlikely suburb of Sherman Oaks in a house they bought in March of 2002 for $2,150,000. The very private house, located up a long and gated driveway, has 5,980 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 7 bedrooms, as well as a backyard with an infinity edged swimming pool and views of the San Fernando Valley.

However, in the Spring of 2006 rumors began to circulate and reports began to come out that Slash had filed for a dee-vorce from Perla. Some said it was because of a Yoko Ono like situation where Perla was trying to exert too much influence on Slash and Velvet Revolver. Which may have some truth to it, but Your Mama suspects the couple's decision to part was likely a result of far more complicated and personal issues.

Interestingly, in December of 2005, Slash went out and bought this house on Wattles Drive for an undisclosed sum of money. Your Mama has no idea if this purchase was related to the dee-vorce, but the timing certainly indicates it was. Although this house looks like it is staged to within and inch of looking ridiculous, is our understanding the guitarist did in fact move into this house at the beginning of 2006, months before reports of the dee-vorce.

The house is located up a gated street, so don't any of you people think you can roll up to this house and catch a glimpse of Mister Slash practicing his guitar picking. It ain't happening. You'll just have to make due with the photos here of the six car garage, the back yard with spectacular views of Los Angeles, and the very, very beige interior.

The Spanish style house wraps around an courtyard at the front providing a quiet and protected place to read a book, meditate, or in Slash's case, quietly practice new guitar licks. The back of the property drops off sharply and allows just about every room of the house to have explosive views of Los Angeles from downtown to the ocean.

Although there is little we appreciate in the furniture and decor of this house, there are plenty of architectural features we find appealing such as the peaked wooden ceilings and the tremendous arched window in the sunken living room with the curved and beautifully tiled steps leading down from the front entrance.

The red Venetian glass dining room chandelier is a welcome burst of color, but we are extremely disappointed with the dining room chairs. The kitchen is certainly well appointed and we love the gargantuan Viking range, but otherwise it's just a well appointed beige kitchen that cost more money than most people's automobiles.

The master bedroom is large. We like the carpet, even though it's a little small for the room. And course we like the ceiling, but otherwise this room could be cleared out and have a nice gay decorator turned loose to turn it into a dee-luxe paradise. And the tray on the big bed? We know the benefits of staging a property, but it is our opinion that this tray is one step over the line. Who leaves a tray of stuff on their bed like that? Seriously, who?

Can you see Slash up in that beige bathroom ratting his hair and painting on the eyeliner in a pair of tight leather pants. No, we can't either.

The small back yard pool area is totally focused on the big view, and sitting out there in the buff on a chaise lounge soaking up sun and sipping on a French 75 cocktail would certainly make one feel like they had succeeded in and conquered the wilds of Hollywood. The lawn looks green and well cared for, but Your Mama might have gone with something that requires less maintenance like flag stone with big potted plants creating more of a Mediterranean terrace sort of feel.

Because of the extreme staging, we suspect but have no confirmation, that Slash has vacated the premises. Your Mama has no clue where the rock star might have decamped. Perhaps to the Chateau Marmont? Or maybe, just maybe, back to Sherman Oaks? We have not read, heard, or gleaned from anyone that Slash and Perla are getting back together, so don't any of you rocker bloggers out there tell anyone that Your Mama said they were. We're just making uneducated guesses

In addition to the house in Sherman Oaks, and the this place high in the hills of Hollywood, Slash also appears to own a small house wedged between Eagle Rock and Glendale the separated couple purchased in 2005 for $300,000, as well as a small 2 bedroom apartment near the Beverly Center that Slash as owned for many years. Your Mama doesn't have a clue why the couple would continue to own these properties, but perhaps they are for family or staff?

Because of the privacy, size, and location of this house, Your Mama expects there will be considerable interest from buyers. Not only is there room for the owner's fleet of luxury cars in the 6 car garage, the street is gated for security and privacy, and there's a separate one bedroom apartment above the garage for a nanny or the in-law that stays too long. It's a perfect celebrity home, or for someone that just wants to live like one.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, not so Slash, is it?

If someone could tip this house on it's side and shake the Orange Countyness out of it they could really make this one hell of a house. Somebody call Xorin Balbes!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused b/c this place was on the market in 2006 ... Any realtor out there that can confirm?

s said...

it looks like the house used for the show "Starting Over". it was just canceled not too long ago...

Anonymous said...

If she still lives there, this house looks down on Drew Barrymore's promintory.

Anonymous said...

Your Mamma might be interested to know that Mr. Hudson previously lived in the flats of Beverly, and sold said house to Mr&Mrs Jolie-Billy Bob. BB still lives there. It's the 'blue light' special...

Anonymous said...

Ah, this house was used for the second season of Starting Over, the daytime show.

Anonymous said...

Too much wood in this house.

Anonymous said...

This is also the house that the first two seasons of American Idol finalists lived in AND the property featured in the Emmy nominated series Starting Over.

Unknown said...

Is this the house that Slash is suing the real estate agents about (according to TMZ, which has posted the lawsuit)?

Anonymous said...

Hi ....where does Slash live right now??? In Hollywood hills?
Greetings from Lisbon!!

Anonymous said...

You can see the house in this video of Slash and Ellen: