Wednesday, May 23, 2007

UPDATE: Avril "The Spitter" Lavigne

We're a little tired of wasting our time and working our little fingers to the nubbins over this foul mouthed pop-punk princess. But we just wanted to add one more thing to this whole bizness about The Spitter not buying the former Travis Barker house in Bel Air. Remember that children? Remember not long ago how The Spitter was telling press people that she didn't buy a house in Los Angeles?

Well, Your Mama can not reveal our source for the information, let's just call her Jane Doe, but we understand from Jane that there are three entities connected to the house on Stratford Circle. Neither is The Spitter, but one is a concert touring company that is associated with The Spitter. This touring company is perhaps not coincidentally also associated with the mansion she's having a difficult time selling up in Mulholland Estates.

The second entity is The Spitter's management company.

The the third entity is the name of her manager, Tina Kennedy.

So it would appear that either The Spitter bought the house, or that her manager Tina bought the house. We think it's The Spitter and she's just trying to fool with the paps and gossips. We're sure the paps will soon enough photo her and hubby driving like demons through the gates of Bel Air Crest, the guard gated community where the house is located.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for capitalizm, and I don't hate on the rich, but when a skag like this -- at 22 years old -- can afford to buy a 9 MILLION dollar house, it makes me sick. I mean, that's a LOT of copies of "Skater Boy".

Anonymous said...

this is Avril`s house they live there , deryck has been filming for sum41 , road to ruin in the back garden ,watch no 6 and compare the clip with the steps to the photos from the air of the house and garden