Friday, May 11, 2007

Lucy "Xena" Lawless in Studio City

SELLER: Lucy Lawless / Robert Tapert
LOCATION: Eureka Drive, Studio City, CA
PRICE: $3,695,000
SIZE: 5,600 square feet (approx.), 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gated retreat with views. 2 story living room w/fireplace, formal dining, media room, eat-in Chef's kitchen, master w/fireplace, sumptuous bathroom w/steam shower, spa tub, 2 additional BR w/bath. Loft library. 2 story guest house w/glass enclosed dining, kitchen, 2 large bedroom suites, gym w/bath, office, pool & spa.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES:Even though she thinks of herself as a soccer mom, Your Mama would not want to meet bad ass Lucy Lawless in a dark alley of the San Fernando Valley where she lives up in the hills of Studio City with her huzband Robert Tapert and their children. Fortunately Miz Lawless, who most of you know portrayed Xena The Warrior Princess, spends a good chunk of her down time in her native New Zealand, so we don't have to worry so much about getting a beat down on Ventura Boulevard some dark night.

Mister Lawless, Robert Tapert, works his thang as a Hollywood producer with a long list of credits that include umpteen action programs about Hercules in the 1990s and a variety of not very well known thriller films like Boogeyman and The Gift. Not exactly Your Mama's cup of tea, but the man is working hard and making a good living so what have we to beef about?

And of course, everyone knows Miz Lucy Lawless is one of the queens of sci-fi action programs who was launched into the stratosphere of television history for her lead role in the cult hit Xena: Warrior Princess in the 1990s and early 2000s. More recently the buff mother of three children by two baby daddies has been seen in a slew of Battlestar Galactica episodes as well as cameos on Veronica Mars and Two and a Half Men with tabloid beleaguered Charlie Sheen.

The sci-fi/action/thriller super-couple were married in March of 1998 and shortly thereafter purchased this Studio City mini-manse just spitting distance from Universal Studios. Located at the end of a cul de sac and up a long driveway, the house provides maximum privacy from the notoriously devoted Xena fans (and fanatics). Other celebs in the 'hood include former sexy man turned d-list actor Erik Estrada, actor/producer Jeremy Bolt, and the former home of attorney Edward Masry, who y'all may remember was the gruff lawyer in the Julia Roberts vehicle Erin Brockovich who in real life won a $330+ million settlement against Pacific Gas & Electric.

Property records show the couple purchased the house in November of 1998 for $1,525,000. Records show the house at 4,847 square feet, but the listing states the house has approx. 5,600 square feet. The discrepancy in size may be the guest house or perhaps an addition, but honestly, Your Mama is just not sure.

What do we think of the house you might ask? Let's start with the living room. The large size and high ceilings are lovely. And we like that sort of 1970s flashback stone work on the fireplace, but the golden monkey creature on the mantel concerns us greatly. Imagine coming up on that thing after a few pre-dinner cocktails?

We are appreciating the contempo vibe of the kitchen and the sensually curving counter is a nice touch, but even with the colorful tile back splash there something bland about this room. However, we suspect all of our fears and suspicions about this room would be alleviated by a quick spin through the kitchen and a run of the hand over the stainless steel counter tops.

The family room could be in just about any middle class house across middle America. And even though it's a wee big small for the room, we do appreciate the deer antler chandelier. Settle down all you design freaks. Your Mama knows they've become a little passé and aren't new and thrilling, but it's working with the beamed ceilings. Even you design divas who insist on the latest and greatest know it's working, so schuss.

The master bedroom we are feeling totally comfortable about. The custom cabinetry that surrounds the thoroughly modern fireplace with it's simple firebox warms the cockles of our hearts. We are particularly appreciative of the built ins that house the flat screen and various components necessary for television watching in the 21st century. We say no to the rug, and the sofa and pale periwinkle wall color are a wee fey for our taste, but they are really quite lovely and work well with the honey hued Heywood Wakefield credenza and the Noguchi coffee table.

The pool is nice in that it's not too large, but given the boulders and "beach" style shallow end, we might have chosen a slightly darker surface finish. And of course, everyone who has ever read this blog knows that Your Mama loves the 2 bedroom guesthouse so that over-night guests have plenty of their own space where they are kept out of our hair when we're ready to put on the caftan and mud mask before bed.

Honestly children, Your Mama is not much for the Xena shit, or sci-fi, or thriller movies, so we don't really know much about Miz Lawless and her huzband. Are they going back to New Zealand full time? Are they splitting up? Have they purchased a newer, bigger, better house? We don't know. So don't be telling anyone you heard anything about this couple except they're selling their big house in Studio City. For the rest of the news and gossip on the couple you'll have to search Perez Hilton and Socialite Life.

Sources: Internet Movie Data Base


Anonymous said...

I just love this house. It's a shame Lucy and Rob are selling it. It seems to suit them really well. I know if I had the money I would totally buy it. Anyway, it's a really beautiful house.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're moving. Lucy has an obsessed stalker who's been posting that he found out her address. Seriously disturbing posts.

martine said...

This is a very beautifull house. If I won the Lotto I sureley would be the next owner. But I rather would take a house in NZ.
If she is moving because of a stalker that would be to bad. Those sick people should be stopped. Anyhow I just hope they just moving to a better and nicer home.

kaz196884 said...

I hope Lucy and her family come and live back in New Zealand. being a fellow New Zealander I would love for them to live in Christchurch then I could meet Lucy. I sooo want to meet Lucy.

Love ya Lucy
Your No1 NZ Fan

Anonymous said...

We want Lucy's perfect delicious feet and toes!

Parvene an undercover lesbian

Anonymous said...

It is a nice house word is Lucy might move to Sherman Oaks. I hope this deranged stalker doesn't find her there. I am so sorry she has to put up with him and his fantasies. People like him seriously need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

My best wishes on Lucy moving to a new home. This one is very pretty. Anon I chime in about this stalker I have seen some of his posts too. Somebody should do something about him. If it isn't enough that he is obsessed fanatical about and stalking Lucy, his extreme sexual fantasies about her he posts everywhere are downright rude. Latest I heard he was demanding the NFL apologize to Lucy about what happened with Football Wives, the more he threatens critics and the like the greater chance he will land in jail. Wacko!

Anonymous said...

Lovely home. Did anyone catch Batman on the tv there? Sorry to hear about the stalker. I think I know who you're talking about. He can get pretty obscene. He always talks about how much he loves Lucy and how she means everything to him I think he's convinced himself that he really loves her. But I thought the thing about the NFL and Wives was just a rumor? Anyway yeah this guy is really obsessed. Thinks he's some kind of secret agent or something. I hope none of the things he does disturb Lucy he is so wacked.

juliefromUkraine said...

Wish you Lucy all the best in your future new home! Hope it will be in LA!
There's a nice house you're selling, I recognised so much places from different videos (it was so cool) and i would buy it but it's too expencive for me :)
Bless you, dear, and your family!

brother sabio said...

lol she need to move to the big apple. everything is in new york.there's a little of everything in new york .theres hidden stores secret reasturants if ur looking for something new theres always something new different and exciting things that happen every day