Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tom Crooz Is Driving Us Insane

BUYER: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Cruise (or whatever her name is)
LOCATION: Calle Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $30,500,305
SIZE: way more than 10,000 sq. ft.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Before the men come in the white clothes to haul Your Mama off to the sanitarium, we want to follow up on Ruth Ryon's report in her Hot Properties column about the house she is reporting TomKat purchased.

Now this all so very complex children, so see if you can follow. Reports in the last several month were wild and rampant about Crooz buying a house/compound up in the hills that was being renovated to house the Crooz clan and various family members, minders etc. It took us some amount of time, but this last week, Your Mama reported and discussed a compound up on Torreyson Drive that property records point to being owned by our favorite Thetan.

But at the same time we were hearing all sorts of whispers and rumors about The Crooz buying a $35,000,000 house in Beverly Hills that was located not very far from his current rental on N. Alpine Drive. We had even received some information from someone who often knows a lot about the strange and secret doings of Crooz and we reported on a couple of properties it was rumored we being considered.

Then today, the LA Times queen of celebrity real estate Ruth Ryon reports that Crooz did in fact buy a $35,000,000 house in Beverly Hills. She reported the house had 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and 10,000+ square feet when it was originally built in 1937 and had been remodeled and expanded by it's current owners who purchased the house four years ago. She also reported that the house was not even for sale.

The property covers 1.3 acres down a long, long driveway making the house totally private from the street and includes all the accoutrement of a super swanky Bev Hills estate including tennis court, swimming pool, gardens, and high hedges affording serious privacy.

Well, children don't you know Your Mama was contacted very early this morning by one of our favorite tipsters who works DEEP inside high end real estate and she tells us the house they purchased is located on Calle Vista Drive.

Property records show the house as being owned by none other than Kurt Rappaport, one of the biggest and most successful brokers of high end real estate in Los Angeles and a co-owner of the powerhouse brokerage Westside Estate Agency.

We imagine the neighbors will shortly see hundreds of feet of barbed wire be delivered to house and a few muscled Scientologists standing at the foot of the drive.

So what is this place that's being torn up and re-built on Torreyson Drive? Only Zenu knows. Perhaps it will become some sort of Scientology retreat? Perhaps that's where TomKat will house all the minders, family members and staff?

Whatever the case, it is indeed far more plausible that Tommy Crooz would live in a mansion in the flats of Beverly Hills than in a place looking out of the San Fernando Valley.

We're sure there will be even more news and information coming out soon. We may be in a straight jacket by then, but we'll do our best to type with our toes.

Sources: LA Times


Anonymous said...

The house next door is for sale

Anonymous said...

Strangely, it looks like the house to the rear clearly overlooks the Cruse compound.