Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Divorce and sell

SELLER: Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe
LOCATION: 33 Charles Street, NYC
PRICE: $7,550,000 (taxes: $21,348/year)
SIZE: 3,243 square feet
DESCRIPTION: 33 Charles in prime West Village is a completely restored four-story, beautifully proportioned home. Because of the position of the house on Charles, the sunlight is extraordinary through its French windows and doors. There are six wood-burning fireplaces, central air throughout, a new kitchen and baths, and a deep, beautifully planted garden.

YOUR MAMA NOTES: Looking at the photos you'd think this property would have high end buyers interested left and right. It's gor-gee-us. But alas, Hillarykins and her (now ex-) Mister had to reduce this place by nearly $750,000 to get it sold. But we shouldn't feel bad for these two, they paid $3,900,000 back in 2002. And even though they did an extensive and expensive two year renovation headed by designer Mark Zeff, they're still walking off with couple million. or close to...

Check the well considered floorplan babies, you can see that each of these celebs had a big walk in for all the free clothes, bags and shoes that designers gave them over the years. And for all their success (let's not forget this gal has two Oscars), the house is sorta modest, right? But what all the children want to know about is that crazy rabbit.

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Poor Chad.