Friday, December 22, 2006

McConaughey Moves On (Updated 02/11/07)

SELLER: Matthew McConaughey
LOCATION: Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles
PRICE: $1,499,000 (reduced from $1,600,000)
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: One story contemporized mid-century adjacent to (redacted address). Behind gates with an easy living open floorplan, opening out to a very large yard and motorcourt. Kitchen opens to dining area and den. Open living room. Three bedrooms en suite with spacious bathrooms. Bathrooms and kitchen with stone countertops, wood floors, high ceilings and beautiful vistas.

PRICE: and $3,299,000
SIZE: 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Single family Hacienda style property located high in Nichols Canyon. Four bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, den, office, living and dining room. Detached parking, heated pool with cabana, lanai, valley and canyon views.

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE (02/11/07): It seems the scruffy stallion with the large pectorals has not had such an easy time unloading this property. Recently the price was reduced and the listing agent threw up another couple of photos of the exterior. We're guessing the interior is too ugly to post photos. Does no one want to sleep where so many random women have slept before?

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama hopes you appreciate this post because we had to bend over backward and pull in a favor or two to get you some of this information. Certainly it is easier to find a photo of Mr. McConaughey's nipples than to find a photo of his house.

Anyway, these two properties, located up in the twisted roads of Nichols Canyon, are both owned by Mr. McConaughey and sit right up next to each other. It will come as no suprise to McConaughey fanatics that the twisty and hilly Nichols Canyon is a favorite street for joggers and cyclists in Los Angeles. There are heaps of rich and famous in this neck of Los Angeles and of course all you babies interested in art know David Hockney's 1980 painting of this road.

Naturally, Your Mama has the street addresses to both these properties, but we can not be responsible for sending a bunch of sexed up teenage girls and horny gays up into his hood hoping to see him parading around 80 percent nekkid the way he likes to do.

Your Mama has it on good authority the Mister lives in the Hacienda, and if that is true, all the children want to know what goes on in that other house? Well, we think we know, and you probably do too, but that's just speculation.

It seems the Hacienda has already gone to contract according to The LA Times Hot Properties column last week. When you look over the accoutrement of sex and romance this property has (fireplace and steam shower in the master, outdoor shower, jacuzzi, sauna) we have to wonder, why ever would someone like the Mister, someone sorta famous for his prowess and conquesting abilities, want to sell this property?

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