Monday, December 25, 2006

Michael Jackson in Las Vegas

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We were not going to post over the holidays, but Your Mama wanted to bring you some late breaking information about Michael Jackson that is starting to make the news and blog rounds.

Apparently this (alleged) child molester has brought himself and his kiddies to Las Vegas. The family flew in Saturday night with plans to make a big Las Vegas comeback. Hmm.

I'm looking for some photos of the house he's moving into that I can post, but in them meantime head on over top Perez Hilton's gosssip emporia for photos he's claiming are of the property the Jackson family is setting up house. Your Mama isn't putting those photos on this site because we do not need to be sued by Mr. Hilton or any of those photo agencies that dislike him so much.

If these photos are accurate, clearly this once cute black singer who has turned himself into a white lady over the years, has flagging finances. Your Mama would think it's sad, but children, we know some folks who worked over there at the Neverland Ranch and because of what we know from them it just makes it difficult for Your Mama to feel bad for this man-lady.

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