Wednesday, December 27, 2006

From Bubble Hill to Beverly Park

SELLER: Eddie Murphy
LOCATION: Englewood, New Jersey
PRICE: $14,990,000 (reduced from $22,000,000, which was reduced from $30,000,000)
SIZE: 5 acres, 25,000 square feet
DESCRIPTION: This magnificent home is set on 5 exquisite gated acres in beautiful East Hill Englewood. Convenient to major airports and NYC. The house is beautifully built. Music studio, pool, bowling alley, and much, much more.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Settle down children, Your Mama knows this property has been in the news and on the websites plenty in the past, so we're aware you already know it's for sale. But we thought we'd give it another go around since Mr. Murphy 1.) is having trouble selling this place, 2.) is getting dee-vorced, and 3.) is having trouble with that Spice-lady who has a baby up in her she claims is the seed of Mr. Murphy.

Hunnies, we know it's none of our beeswax of course, but we just can't help expressing our opinion and think this probably is his offspring. You know why? Because it was only days before she announced she was bumped up with a child that Mr. Murphy was declaring his undying love for the Spice-lady in all the papers. So you know they were all up in each others business. Your Mama thinks this man just did not want to have yet another child as he's already got half a dozen to support, not to mention a couple of baby-mommas he's already paying out to.

Anyhoo, we digress. Mr. Murphy's estate, located at the intesection of three streets in the ritzy section of Englewood called East Hill, is known as "Bubble Hill," and has been for sale since sometime in 2004. The listing agent, a very nice woman by the name of Mary Lenk, has been tirelessly trying to unload this place for the beleaguered actor ever since. The massive house sits on 5 manicured acres, includes 7 bedrooms, 9 full baths and 4 half baths. There is a music studio, indoor pool with skylighted roof, a bowling alley, and reportedly a mini-theatre. Some website called claims the taxes alone for this property are close to $200,000 per year. The asking price started at $30,000,000 and has been reduced several times to it's current asking price.

Now babies, we know all the children are thinking, "Who would pay this amount of money for a house up in New Jersey?" And you know what? You people are probably right. After searching the other listings in the prestigious East Hill area, Your Mama has determined a very nice house can be had for closer to $4,000,000 in this neck of the woods. Ms. Lenk, all due respect girl, but can we see the comparables?

Your Mama was starting to feel a bit sorry for this man...after all he's getting a dee-vorce from his current wife Nicole Mitchell, he's got that Spice-lady on his back asking for a paternity test, and he can't sell this big ol' house. But folks, let's not cry us a river here. Mr. Murphy has himself a Golden Globe nomination for that "Dreamgirls" film, has many, many projects in the hopper, AND still has a mansion up in the super-exclusive enclave of Beverly Park in Beverly it can't be all that bad for him.


Jay said...

What do you think it is worth these days?
The size of some of these homes is crazy.

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