Friday, December 29, 2006

Is Oprah Moving Here?

BUYER: Oprah Winfrey
LOCATION: E. Lake Shore, Chicago
PRICE: $5,600,000 (purchase); $5,995,000 (list)
SIZE: 5,000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Benjamin Marshall's jewel with the architectural grandeur of the French "flat" from the beaux-arts period. 5,000 square feet with lake views from the living room, library, and master suite. Meticulously renovated with custom cabinetry, hand painted decoration, quality finishes, 2 bedrooms plus office or third bedroom. Master suite is 1,241 square feet with sunny terrace (6' x 14'). 2 car garage.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Now babies, before we get ourselves all worked up into a lather over this, let us drop this caveat...the Real Estalker can not be 100% sure this is the apartment Ms. Oprah is reported to have purchased. So we're all on the same page, let us tell you how we arrived at this conclusion.

Your Mama was surfing the web and read a post on cele-bitchy about how Ms. Oprah and that boyfriend of hers with the mustache are going to be moving in together. We also read here she would be selling her mammoth bachelorette pad, a 5-combined-apartments duplex at Water Tower Place, and the happy couple would be moving into another, smaller place together. After a little more investigating, Your Mama came across an article by a lady named Virgina Soto on website about Chicago stuff that contained a little more information about the size and location of the apartment.

So we were off and running, frantically searching for more information and photos for all the Oprah loving children. At first Your Mama was thinking this multi-billionaire gabber was snapping up one of the places at the new, posh Palmolive Building where it is said Vince Vaughan recently purchased. But after viewing a few listings and floor plans, we determined this could not be the building.

Next we found an available duplex apartment in a very swank, very old-Chicago-money building. Lahwd children, Your Mama's blood started to race. But alas, this was not the correct apartment. Then, babies, like an angel coming down from the heavens, there it was, right in front of Your Mama's eyeballs.

Located in the very same swank, old-money building as the duplex above-mentioned, was the actual listing for the apartment shown in the photographs above. Right number of rooms. Right neighborhood. Right square footage. Right price. Right sort of building with the right kind of neighbors like design diva Holly Hunt and high-end jeweler Deborah Friedman. And it was marked SOLD for $5,600,000. Bingo!

Your Mama can't be sure children, but we are pretty damn sure this is where the first lady of talk television will be setting up house with her man Steadman Graham. We'll stay on this story babies, and bring you any updates (or retractions) as necessary.


Anonymous said...

"...boyfriend of hers with the mustache...?" hmmmm, i am seeing a theme here.

Anonymous said...

yep, me too.

interesting, perhaps this fixation on mens with mustaches is some unresolved dilemma rooted in oedipal fixations that are somehow connected to real estate transactions in the 70s?

Anonymous said...

As a former Chicago Realtor and real estate porn devote' myself, I can confirm that this is indeed the apartment Ms. W. has purchased. It is an "A" building on the toniest block in The City.

Anonymous said...

Hot House

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ALONETANU94 said...
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Unknown said...

Although this might have sent a few Oprah fans to a frenzy, but the description just clearly explains not to. Setting that aside, this looks very posh and decadent, which I think meets the standards of Oprah Winfrey. But I could not imagine myself living in such a house that I am even afraid of moving around. I have seen similar houses like this in Australia (although, not as posh as this), some of them are clients of ours at the self storage facility. However, they have downsized to smaller homes, as it is very expensive to maintain. Opulent and majestic, but a challenge to maintain.