Monday, December 11, 2006

The $150,000,000 pile

CURRENT OWNER: Candy Spelling. Or maybe some Arab prince
LOCATION: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles
PRICE: asking $150,000,000 (?)
SIZE: simply huge. around 56,000 sq. ft.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Babies, I have tried to get you the low-down on this property. Was it for sale? Is it? Did it sell? But there are so many conflicting reports. Anyone on the inside know what truth I can tell the children?

See if you can follow. Not long after the senior Spelling passed, Candy darling gives the Westside Agency the "pocket listing" for her behemoth estate which the family called "the Manor." Asking price $150,000,000. Lickety split Candy's people call everyone and deny everything. The real estate people call the reports "erroneous."

Soon an unamed Arab prince shows up willing to cough up $130,000,000 (135 by some accounts) and the sale goes through. Again Candy's people call everyone denying everything emphatically saying the manse has not sold and is NOT for sale.

If you ask me, the house probably is for sale, or has actually sold as reported. But decency requires she wait a bit before jumping for joy at her good fortune and luck in quickly and quietly unloading her white elephant. Can you blame her for wanting to get rid of this pile? What newly single, filthy rich gal wants to maintain all that? Do you know how much effort it is to run an estate like this? So I don't begrudge her for selling on the family estate.

But...I do take issue with her acting greedy with all that dead man's money. Did you know, children, it is reported that preggers Tori and her man Dean are moving into a rental in Brentwood? A rental! Why do you think Miss Tori had that yard sale last week. Bitch needs some cash to pay for her apartment deposit because her mama is keeping the purse strings tightly tied. Well, that and free publicity for her new reality show, of course.

I digress. For sale or not, the house is really something. A tacky something, but something none the less. The largest private home in California is reported to have multiple kitchens, screening room, olympic sized pool (although the overhead photo makes it look a wee bit smaller really), an ice rink, bowling alley, a citrus orchard, a doll museum, 6,000 sq. ft. guest house, and those famous gift wrapping rooms. The LA Times reported there is also a "bonus level for closets between the second story and the attic." Can you imagine?


Anonymous said...

if this were a painting it would be called American Vulgar.

if it were a stylist, it'd be that freaky guy on NBC with the bad kidneys and the vaguely jennifer aniston haircut.

money is wasted on the rich

Mr. Dubai said...

much oil to be much money that can do every think.