Monday, December 11, 2006

He's not that famous!

SELLER: Kyan Douglas (one of the Queer Eye guys)
LOCATION: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Gretcsh Building), New York
PRICE: listed at $899,000
SIZE: 1200 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
SOURCE: NY Magazine
DESCRIPTION: A home of perfect balance where East meets west on the Southside. Light abounds, and the energy flows in this convertible 2-bedroom loft with soaring ceiling heights of 12+ feet. Rich texture and color by Feng Shui Master Reiko Gomez. Oversized windows capture the panoramic southern exposure. High-end appliances, beautiful stonework, custom-designed closets are only the beginning.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: I guess Mr. Douglas is simply too famous to include photos of his apartment...privacy issues and all. But as a working real estate agent I can tell you assuredly, no photos means no interest from potential buyers. Particularly because this apartment is not so special really...It's a nice building and Williamsburg is a hipsters heaven, but in real estate pictures are worth not a thousand words, but tens of thousands of dollars. I did get the floorplan from the listing agents website for you kids. You'd think a gay like this might have more closet space.

UPDATE: A YogiBear comments that Mr. Douglas' apartment has been "let," the listing should have been removed from the listing agent's website and that photos of the apartment were published print and on the web. We missed 'em and apparently so did the folks over at but we stand corrected then.



The listing DID have photos on it, for months. They were removed because the property has now been let. I don't know why they didn't remove it altogether, maybe an oversight, because it's a short term let and Kyan would still like to sell it in the future, but there were photos there and those photos all all over other sites and in the real estate section of the paper.

Your Mama said...

Thank you for the clarification yogibear. maybe the real estate agent left it up on the site to make it look like she was a busier lady than she really is.