Monday, December 11, 2006

She's so skinny now

SELLER: Christina Ricci
PREVIOUS OWNER: Diane Keaton (who is responsible for the gorgeous renovation)
LOCATION: Los Feliz, (The Oaks neighborhood), Los Angeles
PRICE: $3,100,000 (this property has been sold at an undisclosed price)
SIZE: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
SOURCE: LA Times Hot Property
DESCRIPTION: Celebrity owned LLoyd Wright architectural. Located in exclusive Oaks neighborhood. The completely open & private 3 story homes features dramatic windows and doors, private master suite complete with large deck, huge yard...formal dining room, fireplace, amazing concrete floors and views..the home is beautifully preserved and has graced the covers of several books and magazines. A rare opportunity to own a piece of history

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Several rich and famous have occupied this property so it's ped-i-greed. Ms. Keaton did an amazing job and the property is just spectacular. I have the address for this property too children, but I'm keeping this one to myself. Suffice to say there's a Green Oak tree involved in the location.

EXTRA NOTE FROM YOUR MAMA: Okay babies, I have a special affinity for this house because I currently live in an NYC apartment once inhabited by Ms. Ricci. Technically this apartment belonged to her mother and it's unclear whether she actually lived here, BUT we still get invitations to fancy parties in her name shoved in amongst our more mundane mail. She's not the only celeb. to live in this apartment either...after the Ricci's it was a very prominent magazine editor who trades in what I like to call bathroom reading for the somewhat sophisticated.

But the previous tenants are not so surprising considering this building is quite simply crawling with entertainment, fashion and art people. Any guesses as to where I live?


Anonymous said...

The editor description sounds like Bonnie Fuller.

Love your site! Don't know NYC, do know Sierra Towers .)

thirty-year-old secretary said...

London Terrace? (In another post you mentioned a pool...)

Anonymous said...

2255 Valley Oak Drive thats the house address.

Anonymous said...

Just a shame that Ramon isn't still around to be the celebrity one owner seller....