Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Jack's Shack

SELLER: Sean Hayes
LOCATION: S. Rimpau Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $8,950,000
SIZE: 5,765 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gated English Country home in great character is located in the most desirable part of Hancock Park. Ivy covered walls and English gardens welcomes you to this absolutely captivating home. Spacious living room, formal dining highlighted by rich dark hardwood fls and French windows. Wonderful gourmet kitchen complete with top of the line appliances opens to family/media room with f/p overlooking pool and patios. Luxurious master suite, separate guest house & outdoor f/p w/ al fresco dining area.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Jack McFarland may have been an out, loud and proud mincer and a major mooch on the television juggernaut that was Will & Grace, but the real life Emmy winning actor Sean Hayes does not speak publicly about his oft rumored gay ways and he clearly does not need that uptight Will Truman's money anymore. That's right children, as you can plainly see from the glossy photographs of the meticulously maintained and stuffy doctor day-core in the Hancock Park house he just pushed out of the pocket listing closet and onto the open market with an $8,950,000 asking price, Mister Hayes eats, sleeps and washes his wigs in big, fat Will & Grace residual checks.

Property records for the Rimpau Boulevard property are a little fuzzy, but it appears that Mister Hayes purchased the 5,765 square foot house in November of 2001. At this point and time we are not sure precisely what amount Mister Hayes paid, but we do know, thanks to Our Fairy Godmother in Bev Hills, that that house was on the market with an asking price $1,575,000 at the time Mister Hayes coughed up the cash.

Listing information for the "Country English" manse indicates there are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, which is an awful lot of terlits for one man to keep clean. But then again, Your Mama is quite certain that Mister Hayes does not spend much of his hand and knees times scrubbing terlits, if you know what we're sayin'. Perhaps that dirty job is left for a slim hipped and broad shouldered cleaning man with a tool belt full of cleaning utensils and hair care products.

In Your Mama's humble and entirely meaningless opinion, this place looks a bit too much like the long time residence of a couple of well heeled, dignified, and late model Jaguar driving grandparents who know a thing or two about cruising on the Queen Mary and not the home of a rich and famous actor who publicly pretends to know nothing about cruising, queens or men called Mary, oh-kay?

Your Mama means no offense to Mister Hayes or his nice gay decorator man-friend who did this place up because there's really not much wrong with the sensible, Connecticut furniture showroom day-core...except for the upsetting and inexcusable quartet of pear pictures from IKEA hanging over the breakfast table. What in the world is wrong with people's minds that makes them want to put up pictures of pears in the kitchen? Your Mama's decorating lesson #47 is no pear paintings allowed anywhere on any premises

Now kids, fun as it might be and all appearances aside, Your Mama does not want to get jump into the fracas and fray that surrounds Mister Hayes and the rampant speculation about what sort of person he likes to see laying out nekkid by his pretty in ground pool. We recognize it ain't nobody's bizness but his. But, we'd be dying if we we're lying about this inquiring mind wanting to know.

Anyhoo, Your Mama does appreciate the wainscotting in the stair hall as well as the dark paneling in the faux-manly office from where Mister Hayes conducts his show bizness as well rings all his gurlfriends to invite them over for game night in the big green family room adjacent to the kitchen.

The master bedroom includes a fireplace for romantic evenings, a men's club style bathroom with twin Carrara marble topped vanities, a steam shower large enough for Mister Hayes to invite a few well built friends to sweat out the booze, and naturally, there's a huge closet fitted with custom cabinetry.

Your Mama has no official or even whispered word on why Mister Hayes would shed his Hancock Park real estate skin for some other property, but we speculate it could be because he was denied permission to erect an 8 foot wall at the front of the property which would have keep all the queens in sky high heels from peering in his windows at night. Whatever the reason, it's certainly not because he doesn't have the money to maintain this place. Wherever he may land, Your Mama wishes him a happy home and we sincerely thank him for so perfectly playing the high-larious, lovable and gay, gay, gay Jack MacFarland on primetime television.


Alessandra said...

Jack and Karen were always my favorites. Don't know if this home was staged for sale; it is fairly impeccable, though rather staid, in its decor. It doesn't scream Sean Hayes to me, but I don't know Sean and don't want to confuse him with a character whom I adored.

Anyway, it looks comfortable and civilized and gracious, which is certainly quite a bit of favorable factors. I'd buy it.

lil' gay boy said...

It may not scream, JUST JACK! but it is a lovely home, nonetheless.

Jack & Karen were always my favorites too and still never miss a rerun.

Although I only spot one throw, if this house was staged, it was truly an expert job, because it looks more like a home than anything I've seen recently. Looks like there's been a lot of lovin' and livin' going on here.

Tudor is not my favorite style, but this is so refreshingly restrained both inside and out that I can't help but picture myself in it - anyone wanna loan me $9M clams? ;-)

Staging lady with a Toyota said...

Yoooooo hoooooooo Mama you alost busted me with the pear prints from Crate & Barrel,on sale.
I think this is one of my better jobs,and let me tell you a very big budget too!
I like the pears Cher likes them too.

pch said...

Never got into Will & Grace. Mostly because I've never known gay people who spent so much time talking about how they were gay -- the schtick got old (for me) in a hurry. But I won't fault anyone for entertaining millions of other people and earning buckets of money in the process. Good for them.

If this house were in Beverly Hills, I'd breathe a sigh of relief. In Hancock Park, which has so much good architecture, I tend to be more critical. And the street facade is a little on the clunky side for my taste. Otherwise, I agree with Alessandra and LGB -- it's a homey, comfortable looking place.

sunny in sj said...

I love this place and the furnishings, I think it's perfect. And I love Sean Hayes, I think he is a really good actor. The first thing I ever saw him in was an indie movie about a gay guy living in CA trying to find love. It was funny, but not a comedy. It was a very well done movie. I think he's adorable and I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Rimpau is a busy street. Not as bad as Rossmore but it sure does see it's share of traffic.

Barren Karen said...

It's just so tasteful and unoffensive. Ugh. Generic.

But I love Jack!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pears are an homage to "Jack McFarlane"s idol, Cher.

I too saw him in "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss". He was great in it. Playing gay but not "Jack".

Anonymous said...

I love the front of this house. Very stately.

However the HD tv hanging over the fireplace in the study is a big no no. Does not go with the room at all. After thought? For the price there should be a media room where the huge TV would fit in.

And the new pool in the backyard does not match the English style of the house at all. Sharp modern edges and pillars with this old style house does not work.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the house, and the decor for that matter, is that they fit each other and the neighborhood. The only room that rubs me the wrong way is the green family room. Seems a little dark, especially off a light-filled kitchen. I really like the master suite and the bathroom.

While I hoped it might have a little more pizazz, it is very understated and handsome. I am surprised no one has commented on $9 million clams. In this market in Hancock Park? That's insane.

wreckingball said...

I thinks it's pretty.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:07 , thanks for making the comment about the price tag. I own in Hancock Park, so its to my advantage everytime a house sells for a crazy price, but this price seems to be way out of wack with reality. The big ones in HP sell for 5 ish, and this isnt even that huge and (though irrelevant to the price) does anyone besides me think bankers tudor looks REALLY DUMB in LA?

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Walter E Smythe showroom.

I know you can't take Illinois out of the boy, but that doesn't mean he has to restrict himself to four pieces of inoffensive wall art (aside from 'Pears').

It looks like he magically transported a fully furnished Glen Ellyn home to California and then refused to live there. I know there are plastic runners hidden in the closets.

Anonymous said...


I am thinking about buying a large pear sculpture for my dining room, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:08...thanks for confirming my suspicions. My ex and I looked at places in Fremont Place in 2003. $4 million was the high end among those homes for a huge house with a unimaginably huge yard. That place was probably double the size of Jack's place, not even factoring in the land. I don't think that place could go for $9 million, even at the height of the market two years ago and it's got sq footage, privacy, and a gated community going for it. It will be interesting to see what happens with Jack's house and what kind of offers it gets. Signed: Anon at 6:07

gwen said...

Didn't John Wells buy that place in Hancock Park for $11m last year?

lil' gay boy said...


"Those who can do, those who can't talk about it . . . incessantly."


Anon 7:08,

I believe I once told PCH that if the architecture suits the site, then of course it's site-appropriate. I see nothing wrong with an English style home in LA any more than I see in a Gwathmey & Siegal glass box on flat, colonial Long Island.

This is not "mock" Tudor, where there is too much half timbering, but has more of a Cotswold feel to it; English, but not backlot English.

Babe Parish said...

Roddy McDowell, Jr. and I mean that in THE BEST WAY! I loved Roddy. I loved Jack. Sean is a cutie-patootie. Can't wait to see how he's livin' when he's 70+. Hugs all around!


Babe "Great Minds Think Alike" Parish (that is a joke, okay?) said...

LGB! we posted at the same exact time. woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

Did no one notice those HORRIBLE dining chairs? The handles are so they can hang themselves!Or get carried back to the Armada room at the local Ramada Inn!

Parker said...

Finally, a HOME! I haven't had a chance to nit-pick the decor, but in general, I love it. The price is on the high side in HP, but that's where the prices are going lately. A fixer just sold a couple of blocks away for $4 million cash, and yes, John Wells recently bought around the corner for $11 million. It really is nice to finally something that seems real and lived in.

Alessandra said...

Nope, I still love it. Crazy-pants price and all. Can't find a single nit-pick. Would move in, Jaguar and all, in a heart-beat. Will have to wait about 25 years (no way am I allowing my 16 month old to consider procreation until she's out of college *ahem*) for the grandkids, but with enough T&T's by the pool, I'll imagine them scampering about quite nicely.

And agree with LGB that the house suits the site. There are enough deciduous trees and lush green lawn surrounding it that the house makes sense. Plop it in Palm Springs and we have a problem.

lil' gay boy said...

Babe Parish,

How true! And just think - when Sean is in his 70s, he will be Roddy McDowell.


A 16 month old? How sweet! This is the perfect home for you to fill with countless memories. In the meantime, can I watch over that separate guest house with its outdoor fireplace for you?

I have an eagle eye and there's no way I'd let some Hancock Park Romeo get past me on his nefarious way to your daughter's window.

Alessandra said...

Keep an eagle eye out and you can have all the cute ones for yourself! Anything to keep the overly flirtatious toddler out of trouble. Uncle LGB can play Marco Polo with the kid(s) in the pool whilst Mama sips some gin.

My only actual "problem" with the house is the business phones scattered about. Then again, I am not a busy Hollywood type who needs to field calls from more than two people at a time. So, the problem is easily solved once I move in. And LGB is in IT, so he can help pick out nice phone sets.

Done. I'm writing up the offer tonight.

Anonymous said...

ladies and gentleman , you cannot compare this house to the John Wells house. The latter was nearly double the size, double the grounds, had a tennis courts, wine cellar, mega guest house etc. on the finest street in Hancock Park.

Come on people.

sandpiper said...

This house is substantial. Very nice. The woodwook is wonderful. Oooh, the patina. Wide-planked floors, too.

His rugs are fabulous. I'm sure they weren't trucked in with that potted orchid for the shoot. Quality!

Little Buddy, I think your eagle eyes were sleepy eyes on seeing just one throw blanket. I see two, and possibly THREE -- all cashmere, I'm sure. :)

Parker said...

anon 9:35 - the reference to john wells' house was because someone had questioned whether homes in HP were selling for that high.

lil' gay boy said...



I spotted the one in the office on the chair in front of the window; I thought there might be a pair on the couch in the family room but since there's one on each arm and are neatly folded, not casually draped, I chalked them up to modern day antimacassars. What might be one on the right hand chair in the master I took for a pussy cat.

Am I close?

lil' gay boy said...


Let me know when the ink dries and I'm there, shotgun in hand for those late night lotharios, and a hot cocoa and a shoulder to cry on for the more sensitive types . . .

sandpiper said...

That's the three I see, too. Betcha they didn't come in with the flowers either. I think they're actually ... functional.

lil' gay boy said...


I'll bow to your obviously better judgment (and eyes).

The two on the family room couch just strike me as a tad too anal . . .

sandpiper said...

I have a magnifying tool thingy I can drag around the screen with the mouse. It helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who describes this place as "English" or "Cotswolds" has never visited England. It's as English as it is Mediterranean!

Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

I love it!
It's down to earth
My only pick with it is the piano is shoved up in the corner. Trust me it's hard to ply shoved up when your shoved up against a wall, that is the true shame in this home.

Mama have a question: Are picture of snow peas or watermelons allowed? I need to know so I can take them down if ever you come to dinner.

fairfield girl

lil" gay boy said...

Anon 2:36,

That would be me; I admit that the front facade is of indefinite pedigree (the right hand bays are out of scale); I was referring to the rear facade, what with the two stories of brick, half timbered gable ends and the rounded arches on the second floor porch, as well as the fenestration; what would you call it, if you have to give it a regional label? I know it's not "genuine" anything, but what does it come close to?

The interior is pure mid-century American.

bentley said...

Love it. Love that LGB is offering to babysit. LGB, I'll buy it, seriously, if you can take my kids this weekend.

The front doesn't do it for me. I hate the stone around the front door. It takes away from the gracious proportions of the rest of the facade. Tacky.

I'd buy the place for the stair hall alone, and love the bathroom.

The rear of the place is perfection. That porch on the second floor is very Breakers - love it.

Hey gang, super news, it looks like he might actually COOK in this kitchen! Phew, I thought it had all gone south and no one in California ate at home.

What kind of Jag?

Anonymous said...

1986 xj6 here, arctic blue, flawless, second owner, 186,000 miles. yes babies, a jag with a 186,000 miles. take care of your toys!

bentley said...

Well done, 7:29, those were not Jaguar's best years.

luke220 said...

It's a beautiful remodel of a classic house. Only problem- it seems overpriced by about $3mill. It is Hancock Park, not Beverly Hills.

It looks eerily perfect to me- it needs more books and a few dogs to bring it to life.

Virginia Girl said...

Well, I love everything about the place - EVERYTHING! I will admit, however, I also love Jaguars and I dream of cruising the Queen Mary one day. Come to think of it, I am an 80 year old woman in the body of a 30 year old.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

You all like the safe and ordinary, albeit upscale, interiors? Wow. I'm a bit surprised really.

What happened to all the design savvy people that used to hang around here who would have been bored to tears by the interiors of this house?

The woodwork is lovely, but there's not one piece of furniture or stitch of fabric in there that's notable and in my opinion the house lacks any sense of individuality or personality.

If you were to walk into this house without knowing anything about the owner, who would you think lived here? Would you guess a 38 year old gay man in Los Angeles?

Oh, and P.S. This house is not staged for the photos, it actually looks like this every day.

rosario said...

Fairfield ~

I had to move the damn piano all by myself. Premadonna stager lady, that bossy b*@ch.

Sean does tickle the ivories.

lil" gay boy said...

Wicked Witch of the West,

We're still all lovers of Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and even FLLW furniture; it just wouldn't be appropriate in this setting (although I personally think a Barcelona chair can go anywhere).

Alessandra said...

wicked witch of the design fiend sensibilities are stunned because this is just such a convergence. The decor, while a bit conservative, actually fits the home. I could live with it, though since it isn't being sold furnished and since I typically see beyond a seller's furniture, when I buy it, there will be a change, mais oui.

My Jag of preference might be the XK150 or the E-Type or the R Coupe. The Jag that fits this home is something like the XJ8 or the Vanden Plas.

pch said...

The Jag I'd pair with this house is a Mark IX or an early XJ6. (Per -- I think Sandpiper's -- advice, you can right click to open link in a new properly-sized window.)

Parker said...

Does anyone know anything about the "celebrity owned" house at 69 Fremont Place that's listed for $4,999,000? 6212 sq ft, including the guest house. Big lot though - 26,595. This seems to be a very low price, but certainly makes the price on Sean Hayes' seem high. I still wouldn't live in Fremont Place though. And as for a 'housing crisis', that's definitely not happening in HP. Sales are high and inventory is low. The ones that aren't selling quickly are the over-zealous types who are reaching for the sky, waiting for that one desperate buyer that will pay anything.

As for why everyone is so happy about Sean Hayes' home, for my part anyway, it's because it's nice to finally see a house that is a HOME exhibiting signs of life instead of merely showcase qualities. Houses can be functional homes without being tacky mish-mash.

Anonymous said...

Pear pictures indeed! Gawd Mama you make me giggle sometimes and I thank you for it. There's precious little better than a Mama who knows her opinions

Alessandra said...

I like your style, pch.

luke220 said...

69 Fremont is Angela Bassett's place. The price has been lowered $1,000,000 since original listing (Mama has written it up).

Anonymous said...

I keep expecting Mama to update this entry with a "Never mind" - as in, oops, this is not Sean Hayes' house.

Lovely house, but just seems so odd for a late 30's single man. The house reminds me of the kind you'd see on Columbo, especially with a Jag out front, where the that episode's rich killer lived.

luke220 said...

I see a brand new Range Rover in the driveway, probably black, in keeping with all of the brand new furniture on the inside.

I'm with the Wicked Witch on this one- there isn't even any interesting art on the walls.

fairfield girl said...

rosario ...
That was a great clip thanks!

Anastasia Beaverhausen

rosario said...

Anastasia Fairfield Girl ~

You are very welcome!

lil' gay boy said...

Frankly any Jag would do, but the model driven by Inspector Morse would be my first choice.

And, naturally, an Explorer hybrid for the help.

sandpiper said...


[This thread is almost done, so I wanted to get so-chic's call on my ID questions. I do not mean to belabour or bore others; please skip beyond if you wish. Thanks!]

I think this home is lived in exactly as we see it. Or else, it's one of the most elaborate staging job around. i know there's been styling for camera, but grounded on my assumption that Sean pulled this home together on his own...

What do you think of the dining room chairs? I say they're vintage and very expensive, but I can't peg them to a specic designer. Maybe early 1900s? I know there were some really forward designers in that time.

In the piano room, I'm loving the chairs flanking the fireplace. Sort of French Empire meets Regency/Directori but again, not sure. The rolled backs are my clue, although these chairs have ultra-clean lines.

The large area rugs are (to badly paraphrase Our Mama), de-voon (sp?). Wondering if those in master bedroom and piano room might be needlepoint. Some of the others are highhhh ticket gems. What do you think?

I'm sensing a lot of period furniture mixing beautifully. Too many periods to mention but it works so nicely. Might be a few repros tosses in (?) like the desk and coffee tables? They seem much too worn in the usual places and a bit overly distressed -- but that's okay, cause it works for me; old or new.

In all, I am under assumption that this sweet guy studies and acquires nice things. How bout you, Mr. Darling (and you are!)

lil' gay boy said...


Your eyes do not fail you; you've picked up on some of the very pieces I've been wondering about.

No doubt some are reproductions, but high quality ones and I'm hoping that the partner's desk in the office and the table and sideboard in the dining room are originals.

The pedestal table at the foot of the stairs looks genuine, but I'm not a furniture expert so it's just a guess, along with the chandeliers in the office and master bath.

Oh, and Bentley, I'll babysit anytime (BGD is an identical twin, so I know how to play one off against the other. But with two sets? Look out for that the odd boy/girl out!) And I do agree with your assessment of the stone porch in front - it is out of scale with the rest of the house, but if there's a second story patio up there, I'll overlook it.

so_chic_darling said...

Trust me it's all new crap.

sandpiper said...


Oh Hell! That's not good. Thought the tables and desk were faux, but some of the other stuff? Really? Awwww. Shame. But I trust you.

Wait, tell me about the dining chairs at least? New crap? Ouch!

lil' gay boy said...


What tipped you off? I know your impeccable taste in these matters, but to these untrained eyes, if it's all crap, at least it appears to be high quality crap, not the shit that Levitz dumps on your front lawn.

I can see a lack of patina, or worse yet, and even patina across the whole piece on some items; these I assumed were the repos.

Barren Karen said...

Oh So Chic! Thank heavens you're still here with your level headed voice of decorating reason. Some of these people are starting to scare me with the way they're swooning over this place.

Alessandra said...

Bentley, any kids under the age of two? LGB is going to have his hands full watching six kids but maybe the littler ones can pound on each other.

Anyway, have a nice scotch or bourbon to chase away that post-birthday hangover. 36 is a nice age.

As for Sean's furniture, I'm not writing it into the offer. I have something else in mind, but if he threw in a few pieces I would not object. I'd still argue that it works with the house. He could have faux animal skin rugs and big, ugly stadium chairs and pieces that are out of proportion with the rooms and he does not.

fairfield girl said...

Did anyone get that
Anastasia Beaverhausen is Karen Walker alias......on W&G?

rosario said...

fairfield beaverhausen girl,

I missed that but clever cookie you are.

I need to give Barren Karen something to stabilize her acerbic tone. In San Salvador, my homies would call her a detached skankey with issues, bless her icy heart.

bentley said...

Alessandra - 5,5,3,1,1.

My wife and I drink heavily and cry often.

Barren Karen - don't you at least appreciate that it looks lived in? Sometimes you just want to goddamn sit down and flake out, and not sashay amongst your designer goods perching here and there.

Oh well, who's to say. I like a mix of both, personally, too much of one sort of perfection begins to feel saccharine and contrived.

so_chic_darling said...

OK so it's from a better furniture showroom but it's still all new ,there is not a single antique in the place.I come from a family of antique dealers and I can tell instantly even from a photo.
I see the tail lights of a pink Toyota in the dusk.

lil' gay boy said...


"My wife and I drink heavily and cry often."

I'll assume this was said in jest; Still, with 5 little young ones running around, who could blame you?

I'll let the little ones pound on each other as Alessandra suggests, and read scary ghost stories about The White Lady to the others at bedtime.

Anonymous said...

The furniture doesn't look antique. I suspect that they might either be from Therien (the Empire style table in the front entry and the Empire style arm chairs next to the fireplace) or Rose Tarlow (Coffee tables, wing back chairs, dinning room chairs). Stuff from these two places can cost just as much as the antique ones if not more! Insane I tell ya. But very good quality. The entry table might possibly be antique but it's been refinished..?

This house is really well done. It's restrained classic. However, there seemed to be a lack of any sort of art work on the walls.... With that said, I certainly would not mind living there even though I have mostly classic moderns in my living room at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Gingham valances in the kitchen? Really?

Anonymous said...

As many of you well know by now this home has been significantly reduced in price. However, what none of you (yes, even you) have noticed is that this home is not on S. Rimpau but in actuality it is on S. Rossmore at the corner of 6th street. I live up the street from this home and it is rather nice, very private for being set practically on the street and with it's new list price much more reasonable considering the market in the area.

As for Sean, I have met him on several occasions and he is an absolute joy. Not wanting to comment publicly on his lifestyle I will leave it to the readers imagination where this 30 something gay man and Sean have met.

Anonymous said...

No, it's on Rimpau...100% promise you it's on Rimpau.

Anonymous said...

Hi June 3rd Anonymous,

No, trust me, it is on the North East corner of sixth and Rossmore. Just to prove it further, when you are driving on sixth street and you look above the wall to the second floor rear of the home you can see the Juliet balcony. The very large tree in the back yard to the right of pool is lit with white holiday lights year round.

I live only two blocks north and jog past this home five days a week.

I'm curious as to which home on Rimpau you think it could be. No home on that street is walled and gated like this one is. I admit, the front facade does resemble that of a home on the corner of Rimpau and second, however, it is not one in the same. The speculation that he was denied permission to erect an eight foot wall at the front of the home is just that, speculation. The home is actually very shrouded from the street with heavy landscaping, a wall and gates with a "beware of dog sign" on them.

Top that description will you. :)

Anonymous said...

here's some listing's Rimpau baby.

Anonymous said...

I apologize. However, I must be loosing my mind. If you do happen to live in the area please drive or walk down sixth and take a look at the balcony I refereed to. It is distinctly one in the same as depicted in the listing lie. Or, perhaps I should stop drinking so much during the day. :)

Well, thank you, looks like I stand corrected. I will defiantly switch up my jog tonight and take a gander.

Anonymous said...

Sean paid $1.65M for this house on 11/15/2001. It's 4BR 3BA 5765 sq. ft (lot size 20,048 sq. ft), and was built in 1930.

Current tax assessed value on the property is $2.13M, and it's appraised at somewhere between $3.5-3.6M.

Sean's asking price is nothing short of absurd.